Community college changes on horizon

December 30, 2011

California’s public education system has been a world-class model of efficiency and affordability for five decades, but no longer. Gradual overloading and budget restraints have gutted the once-proud model, and that in turn is opening the door for enterprising private, for-profit colleges. [HuffingtonPost]

The diminishing opportunity for inexpensive, publicly supported upper-level education has the potential for creating major problems, according to some.

“The population that is being pushed out is the most needy,” Jane Patton, past president of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges told Huffington Post. “These are the most vulnerable students that for-profits prey on.”

California has been the center of an increasingly aggressive campaign by for-profits, advertisements for which often can be found on campus bulletin boards adjacent to lists of cancelled or unavailable classes


  1. Maxfusion says:

    “California’s public education system has been a world-class model of efficiency and affordability for five decades, ”

    Whaaa haaaa haaaaaa ha ha whaaaaaaa

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  2. standup says:

    But hey, we have the greatest judicial and correctional system in the world. Look at how many prisoners we house, and all for free. Our priorities in this state are so screwed up. We will get dumber and dumber as time goes on.

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  3. unlisted says:

    Even at $42 per unit, Calif community college are still a great bargain for trade, technical, vocational and academic students.

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  4. Robert1 says:

    Could the system be broke because everyone was told to go to college,when some should have gone to trade school and too many FREE rides were offered? Now we have the nightmare know as the dream act.

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  5. rogerfreberg says:

    On this topic, here is an interesting article (pdf) that discusses what may happen as universities shrink… will those who survive rediscover their core mission?

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