Officer shoots suspect near Los Alamos

July 16, 2012

A California Highway Patrol officer responding to a report of a man threatening a woman with a knife in a vehicle shot the suspect during a traffic stop Sunday at about 4 p.m. near Los Alamos, according to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Lt. Erik Raney. [Noozhawk]

“The officer pulled behind the suspect’s vehicle on the side of the roadway,” Raney told Noozhawk. “The suspect exited his vehicle and confronted the officer. The suspect’s actions caused the officer to believe he was in eminent danger, and the Highway Patrol Officer fired at the suspect striking him several times.”

Emergency personnel transported the suspect to  Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. Details regarding his condition were not available Sunday night.

Both the female victim and her 2-year-old child who was in the car were uninjured.

A sheriff’s sergeant was directly behind the CHP officer and observed the incident, Raney told Noozhawk. Department officials said the officer involved in the shooting will not be placed on paid administrative leave.



  1. CA Native says:

    When do we see the dashcam video?

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  2. SKPTYK says:

    “…fired at the suspect striking him several times.”

    Hmmm…musta been a pretty scarey knife….

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  3. azuresees says:

    Slowerfaster: Yes I caught the same stupid gaffe. I suspect they are using unpaid 5th grade interns or something.” Eminent Danger…” What a laugh.

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  4. Slowerfaster says:

    So wait…The woman had a knife in a vehicle ?

    Then the ‘suspect’ got out of the car ( So he was not threatening the woman at the time he was shot ).

    The officer then shot the suspect because the officer felt he was in ’eminent’ danger ? Was the suspect the Pope ?

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  5. Robert1 says:

    Glad the officer was not injured.. good job.

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