Capps wins reelection to Congress

November 7, 2012

Lois Capps

Democratic Rep. Lois Capps defeated Republican Abel Maldonado in the race to represent the Central Coast in Congress, according to incomplete returns.

Following redistricting, the seat became one of a few in California that the Republican Party hoped to wrestle from a Democratic incumbent. The campaign included numerous attack ads and support of more than $3 million from political parties, independent political groups and individuals.

Nevertheless, Capps easily swept into victory with a 55 to 45 percent lead with all districts reporting.



  1. blondehare says:

    They are suppose be investigating that $300.000

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  2. The Gimlet Eye says:

    Capps or Maldonado. it makes no difference.

    Nothing ever changes.

    We shall have more “bailouts,” more money created out of nothing, and perpetual war.

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    • Slowerfaster says:

      What BALONEY !
      Go away . Just a stink-stirring ‘libertarian’ bad-breath artist anyway . Don’t give a damn for anyone or anything…simply get your jollies by complaining. Attention freak.

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  3. smiley says:

    Glad Mal-do-Nada was rejected by the voters.

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  4. slomike says:

    San Luis Obispo BLUES. I approve this message.

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  5. The Gimlet Eye says:

    Whatever happened to that $300,000 that she borrowed and promised to pay back?

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