Man throws tirade in downtown SLO salon

November 28, 2012

Samuel Dabill

A San Luis Obispo man entered a downtown salon Tuesday evening and threw products, chairs and display items all around the business.

Police first received a call about Samuel Dabill, 33, around 9 p.m. when witnesses reported seeing a man throwing himself against the windows of several businesses. Dabill then approached a female getting into a car on the 700 block of Marsh Street and forced his way into the vehicle. After getting pushed out of the car, Dabill approached Bluebird Salon at 722 Marsh Street, where he proceeded to cause a couple of thousand dollars of damage.

Dabill overturned large pots in front of the salon and then entered the business. He threw a glass shelf of products onto the floor and then threw products, chairs and display items all over the business.

All of the employees fled the salon uninjured. Witnesses followed Dabill as he fled the business by foot, letting officers know his location.

San Luis Obispo police arrested Dabill for burglary, false imprisonment and felony vandalism and booked him in county jail on $20,000 bail.


  1. Slowerfaster says:

    The wax job on the eyebrows is what threw him over the edge.

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  2. Jorge Estrada says:

    I’d change my name to Dinendash.

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  3. r0y says:

    So many great one-liners, folks! Had quite a few chuckles reading these replies.

    Sure, this is a serious and scary thing to happen, it’s nice that CCN’s readers are ever vigilant with the zingers! =)

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  4. Theo P. Neustic says:

    Bath salts and Satanism, a deadly combination.

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  5. Princess1 says:

    Ive said it before and ill say it again…Tweakers suck !….Plain and simple.We need to lighten up on pot charges and crack down harder on meth related offences.

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  6. racket says:

    Bad hair day?

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  7. womanwhohasbeenthere says:

    He’s got a buzz cut – is that really worth throwing a fit?

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  8. slow says:

    I’m guessing Samuel will be paying Da bill.

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    • photocal says:

      Again…. the booking photo say’s it all ! Dont understand the “Womanhasbeen” statement about the buzz cut ? Talking to someone in the room with her, or just talking to Herself ?

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