Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s wife files for divorce

January 24, 2013

Bruce GibsonAfter more than 33 years of marriage, the wife of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has filed for divorce against her philandering husband.

Grace Crittenden cited irreconcilable differences on the legal document she filed.

On Nov. 16, Gibson admitted that he was having an affair with his legislative assistant. At the time, Gibson said his assistant would no longer work in his office and claimed he was planning to file for divorce from Crittenden. According to the divorce petition, the couple has been separated since Nov. 11.

Last week, Gibson admitted he had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate. The county then posted an agreement between Gibson and Cherie Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

Crittenden, a local physician, is seeking spousal support, attorney’s fees and property rights.



  1. Maxfusion says:

    It appears the wife shares Bruce’s “green” vision.

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  2. Zuma7 says:

    Talk about dirty laundry. Too much drama for my liking.

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  3. Ted Slanders says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating Click here to see.

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    • dogeatdog says:

      Ted Mr. Bible thumper, who dare you call anyone inferior. I thought the bible consider everyone equal. Well maybe that is why I am a woman who can and will speak her mind. I am so happy my husband consider me equal, a partner in life and not someone who needs to walk 10 feet behind him and to the side. I sure hope you do not have daughters. Sounds like you ought to go move to the middle east where woman for the time being are considered 2nd class citizens.

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      • Ted Slanders says:

        dogeatdog, aka, inferior woman as the bible dictates,

        Dear, you’re just not getting it. Don’t worry, many Sister’s of Eve like yourself blow right by the obvious, and that is, I am not calling women inferior, because I am just following biblical scriptures where they state this fact! Do you deny the two passages above that I have enclosed to substantiate this biblical factoid???

        For you to portend that everyone is equal in the bible, is to deny God’s word in the passages above in question. There’re many more second-class woman verses within context, but for the sake of brevity, I have only included the ones shown.

        If you speak your mind, and your husband considers you equal to him, then you cannot be a Christian because you go directly against the Hebrew/Christian God’s word where it is explicitly shown that women are in fact, and always will be, inferior to man. You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

        I don’t have to move to the Middle East and supplicate under the Islamic religion, whose Holy Book, the Qu’ran, also states with specificity, like the bible, that women are inferior to man. This is because the Judeo Christian Bible does that for me in the United States, praise!

        dogeatdog, please, within the realm of TRUE Christianity, and relating to your gender, learn you place in the godly scheme of things, okay? Thank you.

        “And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands; who so pleaseth god shall escape from her, but the sinner shall be taken in by her” (Ecclesiastes 7:26-29)

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    • MaryMalone says:

      QUOTING TED: “Just who in the hell does Grace Crittenden think she is? Bruce and Grace most certainly are NOT Christians, let alone the fact that they’re not following the bible, because if they were Christians, then Bruce should tell this Harlot of Babylon that she doesn’t get a penny from him, because while still married, he runs the show, period!”

      Unfortunately, Ted, you are not God and so you cannot determine whether or not they are Christian.

      Let me know if they ever have an election for God, and I’ll write in your name. Others (including me) may not believe you have the qualifications to be God, so you probably couldn’t file as a candidate for being elected God, but heII’s bells, you’d have to be able to do a better job than the current God we have.

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      • Ted Slanders says:


        Dear, I made it quite clear that they don’t seem to be Christians. But, if they were, then Bruce should inform his wife of her biblical duties of being second-class to him and not usurp the auhtority over him, but just to be silent.

        It doesn’t matter if they’re Christian or not, because if one goes against the Hebrew/Christian God, they are still held culpable with the godly passage below.

        “If a person sins and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands, even though he does not know it, he is guilty and will be held responsible.” (Leviticus 5:17)

        To the Christian community, there is only one God, and that is the Hebrew God of the Old Testament, a firey brutal killing God. He became Christian in the New Testament, still brutal, but somewhat calmed down.

        It’s not my nature to act in the same manner as the existing God that Christians worship, so I could never replace Him by being kinder, because the Christians are use to a killing God of innocent children, women, and men. He is with us until the end.

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  4. Mr. Holly says:

    Is San Luis Obispo County ready for its own reality show? We do have 2 main characters with Hill and Gibson and a great supporting cast with Torres and Aispuro. Then there would be the supporting cast with Marx and Ashbaugh. This kind of show would probably bring some recognition to the County for I’m afriad to guess what. The sleeze balls are coming out. Stay tuned for the next round of events. It appears that Ashbaugh is auditioning for a starring role, and may get it.

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    • justchuck says:

      Could we name it “As the World Burns”? (The politicians fiddle)

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      • Ted Slanders says:

        Jesus has just enlightened me in prayer about this story, and He says that any reality show of this nature in SLO town should be called; “As the stomach turns.”

        Thank you Jesus.

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  5. honest abe says:

    the guy is a jerk and good riddance.. I wish the citizens of SLO could divorce this idiot.

    BUT…He doesn’t have much money… she is a physician and she is asking for spousal support?? this system is screwed up…

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    • pasoparent5 says:

      From Bruce’s website: “Bruce Gibson…has lived in Cayucos and Cambria since 1989 with his wife, Grace Crittenden, and their family. Bruce and Grace have two grown sons…he and his family have lived on their ranch in rural Cayucos, where Bruce still farms the county’s oldest commercial orange grove.”

      Grace may not get much ca$h but I bet that ranch in Cayuco$ is worth some bucks. She deserves the land–all of it–for what her icky husband has done to her.

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    • pismo20 says:

      Bruce is a phony. He is very wealthy owning businesses and property throughout the state with a large concentration in the Fresno area.

      He made his money in the oil business. Retired here and bought a small orange grove and began claiming he is a farmer.

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    • danika says:

      Let’s not assume Dr. Crittenden is not deserving of spousal support simply because she is a physician.

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  6. pasoparent5 says:

    Best wishes to you and your family, Dr. Crittenden. Get a good lawyer and get as much $pousal $upport as you can from icky Bruce.

    As for you, Bruce and Cherie, hopefully someday you’ll look back and see what a big mess you’ve caused, especially for your children. Adult or minors–no kid should have to endure crap like this. Shame, SHAME on both of you.

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    • As the world turns says:

      She should get Ed Somogyl to represent her. He is one of the best divorce attorneys in the area. That is, unless Gibson has already gotten him under retainer.

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  7. Pelican1 says:

    Gather up your dirty laundry Bruce, you’re headed for the cleaners. Gee, you may have to “give away the farm”. What a shame!

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  8. willieslo says:

    Don’t be a repeat sucker and feel sorry for this snake
    Its suppose to happen to someone like him
    Very few escapes their karma if any

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  9. Pelican1 says:

    Good for her, His behavior has been utterly shameful.

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    • kayaknut says:

      So has the behavior of every other supervisor and politician that did not speak out against Mr. Gibson’s behavior and instead stood behind him and supported him and supported how the county has handled the situation.

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      • jimmy_me says:

        Very true. Makes me wonder what county political leaders have got going down under their desks. I suppose it may be better to look like an idiot rather than a hypocrite.

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