Supervisor Gibson sneaks girlfriend back in office?

January 10, 2013


Supervisor Bruce Gibson has brought his legislative assistant and mistress back to work for him in his office, several county employees said.

These employees contend Gibson is attempting to bring Cherie Aispuro back to work at his side without public exposure.

Gibson’s adulterous, long-term affair with Aispuro— his legislative assistant of six years — had been slated to cost county taxpayers $68,870 in annual salary plus benefits for a parallel county position she was offered by the county administrator.

Since November, after Gibson admitted the affair and claimed he was planning to file for divorce from his wife, Aispuro has worked in the county clerk’s office at almost double what her co-workers are making for the same work. Meanwhile, Gibson has been operating without an assistant.

A secretary for the supervisors’ office, Kristi Gutierrez, said she is unaware if Aispuro is again serving as Gibson’s assistant. When asked if Aispuro had been in Gibson’s office Wednesday, Gutierrez affirmed, saying that Gibson and his friend had spent time in Gibson’s office.

County Council Rita Neal said that today Aispuro is working in the county clerk recorder’s office.

When asked if Aispuro is going back and forth between serving as Gibson’s legislative assistant and working in the clerk’s office, Neal said, “I am not at liberty to discuss that. On the record, Aispuro’s position in the clerk’s office has always been temporary.”

Calls for confirmation to County Administrative Officer Dan Buckshi and Human Resources Director Tami Douglas-Schatz were not returned.

Cherie Aispuro was appointed by Gibson as his legislative assistant, an at-will job that concludes when the elected official leaves office. After news of the affair with Gibson became public, the county offered Aispuro the new job.




  1. Bored Watcher says:

    Welcome to “San Gibson Obispo.”

    Where the Gibson is the defacto chair of everything. He is smart, savvy, arrogant and influential (in his own mind). I have yet to see one elected official stand up to him. He will remain unscathed and remain cocky if the people in his district don’t get off their rumps and start asking for his resignation.

    Did anyone catch Tracker’s comments at the BOS Tuesday? She brought up that he hasn’t filed for divorce yet…lying to the Trib., Grace and Cherie…not too mention the rest of his constituents. She also talked about Cherie still being on the voicemail and website as his aide.

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    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      “Gossip Girls” apparently doesn’t JUST live on the CW network.

      And yes, TACKER’S comments were discussed earlier. A shame that she who did exactly what he has done has no empathy for him whatsoever ….. “pot” calling “kettle” black comes to mind.

      I think we can blame the regular Los Osos commenters that complain weekly to the BOS that the Los Osos sewer website isn’t updated often enough or with enough information, so the IT employees are spending all their time doing that.

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      • Bored Watcher says:

        Tacker didn’t have Edwards on the payroll of the City, like Gibson has Cherie.

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        • Pelican1 says:

          Regardless, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…period.
          Tacker’s credibility is questionable at best. I love hypocrisy!

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          • Bored Watcher says:

            Apparently she knows she has nothing to lose and is the ONLY one repeatedly asking for his resignation.

            Where are you District 2?

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        • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

          Actually he did have her on his payroll when she was on the board, or so SHE said anyway. Mrs. Biggs from Burke Williams Sorenson (District’s attorneys) had to prepare an 11-page report (and the Los Osos District had to pay for this report) cautioning her what her board behavior should be and how she’d have to recuse herself from voting on certain issues because of working for Edwards. Edwards was attempting to purchase Tri-W, but the District legally needed to offer said property on the open market, and then AB2701 came along, so the deal didn’t happen.

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          • Bored Watcher says:

            SHE didn’t have HIM on the government payroll. See the difference? What’s the title of this article again? Oh yeah, “Gibson (the elected official) sneaks girlfriend back in office? ”

            Apples and oranges.

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            • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

              And what was the “meat” of the article? Oh yeah, allegations by unknown employees (who may live in Los Osos and have a thing against Gibson for the sewer – I mean who knows?) and one quote by a woman who saw Ms. Aispuro in Gibson’s office! WOW! HOT “news!”

              “Payroll” or having the opportunity to vote on the dispensation of property worth millions to the residents of Los Osos and by relationship, to herself? Gee, I guess I see the difference—Gibson’s incident pales by comparison! Ms. Aispuro would need to work for Gibson for 44 years to be equal!

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    • vergonha says:

      sociopathic behavior, he has no conscience!

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  2. obispan says:

    Note the silence of The Tribune, everything they write needs to be approved at the highest level, meaning Litchtig and McClatchey management=useless newspaper=no readers=no ad revenue.

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    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      When you have “facts” as riveting as, “When asked if Aispuro had been in Gibson’s office Wednesday, Gutierrez affirmed, saying that Gibson and his friend had spent time in Gibson’s office.” it is no wonder they do not report on this story. Big whoop.

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  3. CCActivist says:

    Comment deleted

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    • Citizen says:

      Amazing story–Thanks.

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      • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

        Amazing yes, truthful no.

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    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      I guess you forgot this part that you wrote at 11:36 yesterday CCActivist,

      OOPS! Did not see the moderator telling me to can it with the feuding. Sorry!

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    • vergonha says:

      yes Gibson is a sicko man!

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  4. CCActivist says:

    You know, Lynette, I think it’s pretty rude for you to repeat yourself and trample on other people’s opinions. Talking about beating a dead topic, you had your say. We know where you stand. We get it. You stand with Gibson. Leave us and the rest of Los Osos alone so we can have a conversation. Thanks!

    (12) 24 Total Votes - 18 up - 6 down
    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      I guess you forgot this part that you wrote at 11:36 yesterday CCActivist,

      OOPS! Did not see the moderator telling me to can it with the feuding. Sorry!

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    • Spork says:

      You were warned

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  5. CCActivist says:

    OOPS! Did not see the moderator telling me to can it with the feuding. Sorry!

    It’s been rumored around his district that he allegedly had an affair with former Planning Commissioner Anne Wyatt. I don’t know if that rumor is “valid” or not, but it predates the news that he had an affair with Cherie Aispuro.

    People should take note that he oversaw two sex scandals involving Paavo Ogren/Maria Kelly and Gail Wilcox/David Edge/Tony Perry while having an affair of his own. While he kept the affair a secret, he lambasted everyone who talked about those affairs for being irrelevant and political. In his mind, he’s above the law. I don’t know if he actually broke any laws as a result of his affair, but he clearly doesn’t see he has to play by the same rules that he helped enforce.

    That’s arrogance you can’t spin.

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    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      CORRECTION CCActivist: There was no “sex scandal” with Maria and Paavo, no matter how hard certain online “news” sources tried to make it out to be that. It was a asserted conflict of interest, and that proved to be zip, zero, nada. But of course certain LO residents who don’t want the sewer project said otherwise and I’m sure that we will hear back from you on that topic too.

      Jeez, just don’t vote for Gibson if he runs again! How much more space do you need to beat this topic to death? The amount of venom here from you says a lot more about you than it does Gibson.

      (-30) 44 Total Votes - 7 up - 37 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        Of course there was a sex scandal with Ogren and Maria, as well as a drug scandal and issues about drug use of her kids which ended up in a vehicle one of her kids was driving going over an embankment, and into a creek, with resulting injuries. Her son was charged with felony drunk driving.

        CCN: Pavo Ogren Named in Drunk Driving Lawsuit” (

        CCN: Sex and the Los Osos Sewer” (

        CCN: Maria and Paavo: Divorce Pappers Allege Long Affair” (

        CCN: Phone Records Debunk Public Officials” (

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        • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

          MaryMalone, you really ought to read the stuff you post! No sex scandal, just possible conflict of interest (there was none at the end of the investigation – which I know really put a bummer into your day) and Maria’s kid was not charged with drunk driving. You are inaccurate once again by not reading your own “proof.”

          (-14) 20 Total Votes - 3 up - 17 down
          • RU4Real says:

            Lynette, you’re finally CORRECT ABOUT SOMETHING! It was Paavo’s kid who was caught driving while DRUNK…

            (10) 14 Total Votes - 12 up - 2 down
    • vergonha says:

      he needs to pack his bags for parts unknown……

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  6. south says:

    I would warrant that if you asked Gibson, Hill or Ogren who their top five heroes were, JFK would be in all their lists. Like Bubba, they all want to live through him.

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  7. themarygardener2012 says:

    What an embarrassment to SLO County and ALL the people that voted him in….wish that Roger Anderson would have won that election….

    (46) 62 Total Votes - 54 up - 8 down
    • Bored Watcher says:

      Marshall (Useless) Ochilski was the last candidate who ran against Bruce.

      (-9) 17 Total Votes - 4 up - 13 down
      • themarygardener2012 says:

        …not saying the last time….saying the first time around…none of “this” would be happening…because Mr. Gibson wouldn’t have been paid to embarrass the citizens of SLO County….

        (22) 28 Total Votes - 25 up - 3 down
    • south says:

      Are you kidding? Bruce just punched another mark in his secular progressive card. He is on his way to SP sainthood. He will win his district with the spare change he has in one pocket.

      (-5) 21 Total Votes - 8 up - 13 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        Gibson is not representative of any particular political or religious creed.

        He is a pathetic old man who is too cheap to pay for his own on-the-side floozy, and so must burden the taxpayers with the costs.

        Men all political affiliations and all religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) have these types of character, moral and ethical flaws.

        (13) 21 Total Votes - 17 up - 4 down
        • vergonha says:

          -Yes “Gibson is a pathetic old man who is too cheap to pay for his own on-the-side floozy,
          and so must burden the taxpayers with the costs”.

          (15) 17 Total Votes - 16 up - 1 down
    • taxpayer says:

      It would have been nice to have someone like Roger Anderson represent the 2nd District. He would have been honest, trustworthy and fair.. Anyone who knows him can see that the 2nd District lost a chance to have a truly great person representing the coast. How sad that a phony, like Gibson, was able to fool so many people. The voters can only blame themselves for what is happening now.

      (21) 33 Total Votes - 27 up - 6 down
      • vergonha says:

        Gibson is a “guru” to his birkenstock follower from cayucos……

        (11) 13 Total Votes - 12 up - 1 down
    • RU4Real says:

      Yes, I voted for Roger…I felt HE was a MUCH better choice than Gibson…

      (9) 15 Total Votes - 12 up - 3 down
  8. Lynette_Tornatzky says:

    County counsel or anyone else discussing this matter risk a lawsuit if personnel issues are discussed. Have you never worked for a company? Would you condone your personal information being discussed in the public? When I was a manager, we got training on what we could say or what not to say if asked about other employees. That is standard business practice.

    The amount of time on this “shell game” is time spent HERE based on gossip put forth by this “news” site.

    (-16) 24 Total Votes - 4 up - 20 down
    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      Yes, to what the employee is doing, as in job description, but isn’t a list of an employee’s visit to every office that he or she might visit just a little silly?

      What tells you that Bruce Gibson is pushing for transparency? This article?

      (-19) 23 Total Votes - 2 up - 21 down
  9. eradicate ignorance says:

    It was confirmed she was in his office…one can only speculate what kind of work was going on in there.

    (24) 40 Total Votes - 32 up - 8 down
    • Pelican1 says:

      They were practicing the Soupy Shuffle!

      (5) 21 Total Votes - 13 up - 8 down
    • MaryMalone says:

      Probably a job that required knee pads.

      (-1) 23 Total Votes - 11 up - 12 down