Supervisor Gibson wins third runner up

January 28, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson has been given the dubious honor of being third runner up in the Flash Report’s Idiot of the Week contest. [FlashReport]

“Runner up #3 – San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson,” Flash Point said.

“Back in November the story broke that this Stupidvisor had been having a longtime affair with one of his staff members. When the scandal broke, the staffer was banished into the county bureaucracy.

“Well, until this week, when Gibson announced that, basically, after searching for a new aide, only his lover fit the bill. So while he’s busy divorcing his wife, he has decided to re-hire his girlfriend back onto his personal staff. Seriously.”



  1. vergonha says:

    This morning after listening to at least 2 hours of comment by the public asking for the arrogant
    Mr. Gibson to resign, and step down as the Supervisor of District 2. I am appalled at Mr. Hill’s response
    and being supportive of Mr. Gibson. Why is it that the Board of Supervisors do not step up to the plate
    and ask Mr. Gibson to resign? Is Mr. Gibson not only in control of County Council, and the other
    Supervisors? We the taxpayers deserve a full outside investigation on Mr.Gibson’s sexual misconduct
    with his mistress Aispuro.
    Mr. Gibson’s behavior is arrogant and sociopathic, and he also needs to seek professional help.

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  2. Citizen says:

    Bruce Gibson is a joke. We are paying over $200,000 for this joke and his assistant in our county government. He is an expensive joke and he needs to resign.

    Resign, Mr. Gibson. Resign.

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    • MaryMalone says:

      Yeah, but when you consider how many nincompoop politicians there are in California, a #3 runner-up position ain’t all that bad.

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  3. Paso_citizen says:

    Now you have really P.O’d Brucie – he was trying so hard to be the #1 idiot, yet all he could get was a tie for #3. Can you even begin to imagine what he will do next in order to achieve his goal of being #1?

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  4. willieslo says:

    This dude got lots of balls

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  5. Stunned says:

    Oh the things me do to bring things back onto their staff!

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  6. Maxfusion says:

    The hack may be number 3 in the stack, but he’s number 1 in the sack.

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  7. hotdog says:

    Looks like the Flash Report is a right wing blog site based on neocon ideology. Their first victim is Leland Yee who tried to ban violent video games from minors (considered a ‘left wing’ effort) yet now the right wing NRA and gun lobby is claiming that violent video games and other societal issues are to blame for all the shooting mayhem (instead of all the guns). The right is stumbling all over itself trying to cloud these issues and prevent any rational discussion.
    I’m not defending Bruce but the FR is clearly not a credible source of info. I’m surprised and disappointed CCN would even cite it as anything other than worthless drivel.

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    • Kevin Rice says:

      Irrespective of political view, I believe the point is Gibson has opened SLO county to negative statewide recognition.

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      • kettle says:

        Or it’s just a example of how happy we all are in the land of SLO.

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      • Slowerfaster says:

        Not to totally disagree, but that opinion has had wide currency long before the current imbroglio.
        SLO county ? It’s where all the snobs go that can’t afford Santa Barbara or Marin counties.
        Notable exceptions, of course.

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  8. SLOBIRD says:

    What a proud story. Look at winner #1 & 2 and acually Gibson tied for #3. Lots of stupid running around the California.political landscape!

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  9. paul72852002 says:

    Can’t thank ccn enough for getting this one into ink. If ever a story merited telling…
    What an intrepid and integritous editorial board you must be blessed with.

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    • Lynette_Tornatzky says:

      I think looking at the “likes,” readers here did not get your sarcasm paul72852002, except for hotdog anyway.

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    • justchuck says:

      Thank you, Paul

      I learned a new word from you.

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    • MaryMalone says:

      When a county supervisor brings such derision and embarrassment to our county because he can’t keep it in his pants, and it costs taxpayers money, then it is newsworthy.

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