California carjacking shootings kill four victims

February 19, 2013

carA series of carjacking and shootings killed at least four people in Orange County Tuesday morning. [NBC LA]

Tustin police initially responded to a report of a carjacking and shots fired just off the 5 Freeway around 5:30 a.m. A gunman shot a bystander during the carjacking.

A second carjacking and shooting then occurred near the 55 Freeway, killing the carjacking victim.

Officers then found a third carjacking location, where a gunman had shot two carjacking victims, killing one and putting the other in critical condition.

Investigators also found the body of a woman who was shot and killed in her Ladera Ranch home.

Officers eventually found the suspect in a stolen vehicle in Orange. When stopped, the suspect shot and killed himself.

Tustin police and the California Highway Patrol responded to six different locations during the carjacking and shooting spree and are continuing to investigate the events.




  1. hotdog says:

    Same as all the other shootings in every corner of the country in every situation for all time. The only one common denominator is a gun. Sane people, nut jobs, young, old, women and men. Always the same ONE same thing at all these situations, always the same thing, a gun.
    In almost all cases none of the victims would have had a chance to draw and shoot safely (without killing others), more guns on the scene could easily have made for more victims. It’s always the guns…

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    • BeenThereDoneThat says:

      So what is your solution? Ban guns? O.k. what about the guns already out there? Do you think that criminals will follow gun laws? Do you think they won’t bring in across boarder with Mexico?

      Yea lots of questions and the REALITY is no easy answers.

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      • hotdog says:

        Your last comment says it all. This is a mess we’re in. Most rational authorities have said that more mayhem will result if a bunch of ‘civilians’ start blasting away at perceived threats in crowded conditions. But whatever we do more guns is not the answer.

        If up to me I would ban most guns and raise the penalty for gun possession so high that many would not chance it. There will always be crooks and some guns, but we can reduce the number dramatically.

        Most of the rhetoric spawned by the gun lobby (and NRA) is bogus bs, childish nonsense used to agitate the uneducated masses so they can continue to make a fortune off the crazed mania of fear and political hackery. A famous person in our midst said not too long ago that when the people get fearful they turn to religion and guns- that comment was castigated for telling the truth. Look what the riff raff are doing, turning to guns. Look what the so called religious right is doing, turning to guns. Look what the right wing politicians are saying- get more guns.

        This should not be left or right politics but being able to recognize the difference between right and wrong- as usual we are having great difficulty in doing that. Pretty lame, other cultures, thinking cultures, have banned most very dangerous guns to good effect. We are too stupid, way too stupid to see the ludicrous and criminal nature behind all the pro gun drivel.

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        • tomsquawk says:

          “criminal nature behind all the pro gun drivel” do you want to lay this out for all of us?

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        • BeenThereDoneThat says:

          Here’s what is surprising to me. A lot of people are scared of the violence of guns and that they may be next. I honestly have to say I am more afraid of going down in a plane or being in a car accident or having a heart attack. We see these things on news and while disturbing, what is the precentage in a population of 300 million people? Less than 1%?

          Yes take the guns from everyone. Tell your enemies foreign and domestic that we both in and out of our homes are unprotected. Tell your enemies all they have to concentrate on now is taking out local police stations and military and the rest is downhill from there.

          I MUCH rather know my neighbor may or may not be armed than not armed at all. What I have stated above makes me more concerned, than the less than 1% chance that the boogie man may get me.

          Or how about this. In the news last week when the Ex-cop went rogue. What if a bunch of cops decide to go rouge and said, it will be so easy because what in the HELL are the people going to do about it? That my friend is a WAY bigger concern to me as I would guess others.

          Everything SEEMS worse or SEEMS like more evil, well hell, when you have CNN and Fox on same story twenty four seven, yea it can skew one’s scence of reality.

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      • tomsquawk says:

        mandatory gun surrender

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        • Robert1 says:

          I won’t turn mine in, will YOU come and try to take it?????????????

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          • tomsquawk says:

            i don’t support that and of course neither would gangsta’s. so it gets back to who’s fit? i guess i would turn my neighbor in if i thought he was strange. all sarcasm aside i’m afraid all the laws in the world could be passed but i don’t think they could be enforced.

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    • choprzrul says:

      And there will always be guns.

      Now the only question is this: Do you prefer the outcome in the news story above, or would it be better if the victims had a fighting chance?

      You are free to do as you please. Myself, I would much rather die fighting than cowering in the corner defenseless.

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    • tomsquawk says:

      then, mandatory surrender

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    • Robert1 says:

      Speak for yourself, and when you become a victim, the 3 seconds you have to say” wish I had a gun now” will flash before your eyes.

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  2. tomsquawk says:

    just a thought and we’ll never know; the poor souls who were carjacked, were their doors locked?

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    • BeenThereDoneThat says:

      Bullets go through glass, doesn’t matter. I don’t think how this guy was acting it would have stopped him.

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      • tomsquawk says:

        let’s see how it shakes out. i used to work in a rough area where we had two incidents in our parking lot, a carjacking and a kidnapping. it both cases the doors weren’t locked. after that i got in the habit. thanks.

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        • BeenThereDoneThat says:

          Not saying that locking isn’t a good idea BUT it’s like locking our houses up. It keeps the honest people or those not as determined honest but again glass breaks easy if you want or are determinded.

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  3. Zuma7 says:

    20 year old, Ali Syed is the killer.

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    • tomsquawk says:

      and what’s the rest? or was he just a nice quiet kid that suprised everyone? where/how did he get the Remington 870?

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      • Zuma7 says:

        I got that info from a news-site in SanDiego….they didn’t mention anything else…I guess we have to wait and see,

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        • tomsquawk says:

          yeah, he was young. i wonder what pushed the guy’s button. amidst all the gun control hoopla i’m sure alot more will come out. we’ll see! thanks.

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  4. RayCollins says:

    I know I’d feel much safer knowing that we’re all packing heat.
    Especially those times standing in the checkout line at Costco when my cart is full of the good stuff and I’m getting eyeballed someone who missed the ‘specials’ I’ve loaded up with.

    I want to know that I’m covered while walking to my ride. I sensed the envy while rolling my last 80″ big-screen to my ‘Burban.

    Nothing warmer than the feeling when you see UPS drop-off that crate of 1000 rounds of .223.

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  5. Pelican1 says:

    Neither was the Constitution.

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  6. SpeakTruth says:

    Please forgive my double-post. It keeps disappearing.

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  7. Rambunctious says:

    What a time for the Feds and the state to be passing legislation limiting law abiding gun owners a chance to defend themselves from these worthless shreds of human debris. I have an Idea! why not enforce current gun laws and keep these thugs in prison. The state wants to release thugs from prison because of over crowding and at the same time they want to me to turn over my legally purchased rifle.
    Good luck with that.

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    • SLOTECH90 says:

      Excuse me, it is not the State of California releasing prisoners. The release you are bemoaning is Federally initiated.

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      • Rambunctious says:

        Are you sure of that slotech? I think you may want to check it out. I will try to find some info on the subject and post it. But regardless It still makes my point don’t you think?

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        • BeenThereDoneThat says:

          It was a Fed mandate.

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          • choprzrul says:

            Federally mandated due to California’s underfunded prison system creating inhumane conditions & over crowding.

            Federal mandate yes. California created problem, yes.

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            • BeenThereDoneThat says:

              Well thank you for pointing out what was obvious and I think most would have got reading article.

              As far as underfunded? REALLY???? Did you notice it is our number three expenditure? How about (this isn’t in article) that we spend a TON of money on guards? How about some great health care for prisoners? Yea I don’t know what fantazy land you live in?

              My wife works in medical field and her office has a minimum of two to three inmates a DAY come in, each and every day for treatment. My neighbor was a top dog out at Avenal Prison and told me, people would be SHOCKED at the amount of money that is spent on prison health. WHERE do you get the felling of these poor gents and inhumane? Because they all bunk together? Inhumane to me would be no toilets or no good food or no good medical treatment. THEY HAVE ALL THAT!! If they don’t like it then STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY PRISON’S!!!!

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              • tomsquawk says:

                i have a college acquaintance that became a prison guard. thought he was crazy but upon seeing the pay and benefits i now know who owns that house on the hill!

                (4) 8 Total Votes - 6 up - 2 down
                • BeenThereDoneThat says:

                  AMEN!!! I agree. I had a few buddies with degrees go into the prison system as guards in the last twenty years. Two are retiring with their twenty and another who got a late start, has about six to go. They all have made a GREAT living. Yea I thought they were nuts, now???

                  Oh and another buddy that use to work with me in my field, went of to ASH in Atown and is now a supervisor with good pay.

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              • choprzrul says:

                For clarity, my ‘inhumane’ comment was intended to map directly to the federally mandated standards, not my personal feelings.

                As far as I am concerned, we should outsource prisoner housing to independent contractors in Mexico for $0.10 on the dollar. Only US citizens would be returned to this country, the rest would be returned to their nation of citizenship.

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          • BeenThereDoneThat says:

            LOL, I love that people don’t like my link. Folks I didn’t write the article, I linked it.

            Trust me I’m not a Times fan if that’s what you don’t like but I was just trying to find general article showing how we got here on the comments question about prisons. If there is still something I missed PLEASE comment. I love to have open and honest dialoge. Read my posts, I’m not going to attack or call names, I would like to see what your thinking is. It is interesting things that come out when people disagree than agree, when done in a civil manner.

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    • Robert1 says:

      Diane worthless Feinstein has the strictest pending gun laws pending as we write.

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      • easymoney says:

        Oh the hypocrisy, DiFi authors two severe gun bans in her career aimed at taking weapons out of the law abiding publics hands, yet she has a concealed carry permit for a semi auto pistol for self protection.
        I do not critisise her for her carry permit I applaud it, yet why should she be able to protect herself and not the rest of the public?

        (12) 12 Total Votes - 12 up - 0 down
        • tomsquawk says:

          she’s a politician and above the law

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  8. Jorge Estrada says:

    Another rabid person, the gun should have been in the car owner’s hand.

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  9. Pelican1 says:

    Three more DEAD and two injured innocent victims of gun violence…and so it goes. Problem Solving 101 in America.

    (-22) 34 Total Votes - 6 up - 28 down
    • BeenThereDoneThat says:

      No Pelican, Jorge’s post above you got it right!!!

      (18) 26 Total Votes - 22 up - 4 down
      • Pelican1 says:

        Yup, Jorge got it right, and the daily carnage continues unabated.
        It’s simply remarkable that those of you who oppose gun control, also feel that thers are “acceptable” losses…you know, the “price of freedom”.

        (-3) 17 Total Votes - 7 up - 10 down
        • SpeakTruth says:

          If only the victims could have dialed 911 faster, they’d still be alive!!! Right Pelican?

          (12) 18 Total Votes - 15 up - 3 down
        • tomsquawk says:

          i hope he was being facetious.

          i support gun control and already in California we are pretty strict in max magazine size and transportation of weapons (approved locks, a key inbetween the weapon and ammunition, and acceptable places for carry, and background checks that are a joke) what concerns me is how we would weed out the “bad seed” who would use a weapon in a malevolent manner and whack jobs in general. and what about that drunk next door who waves his pistol (unseen)? and quite honestly i would be nervous at firing ranges and gun shows for the above reason.

          so, who is suitable to possess?

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          • danika says:

            “who is suitable to possess”??? Mexico is trying to answer that very question, Tomsquawk!

            Mexico to Ask US Senate to Create Gun Registry in Border States

            “Mexico’s Congress voted to formally ask the United States Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Although the motion will have little impact in the US, it shows the gun control issue continues to resonate on both sides of the border.”


            (6) 8 Total Votes - 7 up - 1 down
        • slojustice says:

          Let me think, how did the disarmament of other societies go. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. What is acceptable to you. Have you forgot about the millions killed throughout history by their own government. I for one thank my lucky stars that the designers of our Constitution new there would be people like who think that we live in some utopia where no one is ever evil and will alway do the right thing.

          (8) 16 Total Votes - 12 up - 4 down
        • BeenThereDoneThat says:

          No to the contrary it is YOU that think these are acceptable loses. By YOU not wanting people to be able to protect themselves. If ANY of these four had a concel permit, they could have stopped him in his tracks.

          YOU would want to call 911. Hmm that will work great. WHO has the faster responce time the cop or the person there?

          Yes you will use your little platitudes to say about the evils of guns and ignore the person behind it. There is NO perfect overall solution. But a person able to protect themselves is a HELL of a lot better, than calling a cop after you produce a dead body.

          (6) 10 Total Votes - 8 up - 2 down
        • choprzrul says:

          Let’s keep this simple and civilized.

          The United States Supreme Court says that the rights to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self defense are fundamental individual civil rights.

          I am pro civil rights.

          Where does that leave you?

          (9) 9 Total Votes - 9 up - 0 down
          • kettle says:

            Yes lets keep this simple.

            It’s a classic troll. take a complicated issue then to pretend to boil it down to 2 choices.

            Now chop you can go back to calguns and tell them you schooled the locals like last time.

            “No safe threshold for lead exposure has been discovered—that is, there is no known amount of lead that is too small to cause the body harm”

            (-11) 11 Total Votes - 0 up - 11 down
            • tomsquawk says:

              i guess as long as it’s on your hip, safety off, and quick draw holster

              (-1) 1 Total Votes - 0 up - 1 down
            • choprzrul says:


              Being pro civil rights is trolling?

              Law abiding citizens have the fundamental individual civil rights to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self defense. Restricting the free exercise of civil rights by law abiding citizens has quite the opposite effect on criminals as they see us as defenseless victims.

              In reference to law abiding citizens:

              More guns == less crime
              Less guns == more crime

              So now, we must all decide if we want to pursue the ‘less crime’ or ‘more crime’ path for law abiding citizens.

              (-1) 3 Total Votes - 1 up - 2 down
              • kettle says:

                choprzrul Don’t confuse your message with your technique.

                It’s still a troll, and a oversimplification but we can pretend it’s only two choice’s if that’s what your into.

                More guns = More bullets
                More Bullets = More shooting

                There is no known safe amount of lead.

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    • tomsquawk says:

      i’m extremely sorry to hear about the deaths. the shooter was obviously a disturbed person using an inanimate object.

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    • Paso_Guy says:

      unfortunately, the price of freedom can be painful.

      (6) 16 Total Votes - 11 up - 5 down

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