Deputies searching for missing Arroyo Grande girl

February 15, 2013
Mikayla Anderson

Mikayla Anderson

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies are searching for a missing 12-year-old Arroyo Grande girl.

Mikayla Anderson was last seen leaving Paulding Middle School to go horseback riding at her grandmother’s house in the Hausna area. Police found her backpack on her grandmother’s porch.

Her family reported her missing at 4:15 p.m. notifying authorities that she was missing. At 5:50 p.m. her riderless horse was discovered.

The Sheriff’s Search-and-Rescue unit, a helicopter and two canine units have been called out for the search.

The clothes Anderson wore to school were found at a residence and it is suspected she is wearing camouflage clothing.



  1. Harley says:

    Search is over. She showed up with her Dad at the command post.

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    • Pelican1 says:

      Glad it ended well.

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    • Cindy says:

      Yeah, she was found hiding in a tree near the command post, watching it all. Her dad spotted her and immediately took her to the police who were in the area searching. What a little BRAT……

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      • Harley says:

        Wrong, she was found by her father while walking on some sort of road with a bridge and he drove her to the command post.

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      • lise says:

        Cindy how do you know she is a brat, If you knew her situation you would not say this at all in fact you would feel sorry for her. She’s a good kid that needs real love and affection something she is clearly not getting in her home life.

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  2. BeachChic says:

    There is a registered sex offender (Megan’s Law Website) in the 7300 block of Huasna. I hope the police questioned him.

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  3. Harley says:

    The latest report by her Grandmother reads like she may be a run away and is hiding.

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  4. Harley says:

    I hope they find this young lady soon and in good health. There’s some rugged and wild country in the Huasna. She had to have spent a long, cold and scary night out there.

    There’s something missing in all the reports. They say last seen at the school, but the Huasna address given is over 9 miles from the school. How did she get out there? I doubt that she walked to her Grandmother’s home where her backpack was found..

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