Phony audiologist in jail

October 23, 2013

doctor audA man who falsely claimed to be audiologist and his wife turned themselves in Tuesday after police showed up to arrest them at their Atascadero home.

On Monday, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy issued arrest warrants after Aaron and Anja Marquist failed to appear at a felony hearing. In addition, Duffy increased their bail to $1 million each. The couple remains in jail.

Aaron Marquis, 46, is accused of falsely claiming to be an audiologist. His wife Anja Marquis, 39, is also charged with fraud. Both pled not guilty.

Staff at the Marquis’ Advanced Hearing Aid Center continue to see patients and say they plan to bring a licensed audiologist in to the office in the future.

A pre-preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 28.




  1. GrayGranny2010 says:

    My insurance company and I were victims of Aaron Marquis aka Advanced Hearing Aid Center. When I brought their fraudulent insurance billing to their attention, I got a bunch of blah blah blah (and my insurance paid not knowing a fraudulent bill had been submitted by Advanced Hearing Aid Center). I did not file a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office but I’m glad someone did. How many SLO County residents have been victimized….especially our senior citizens, the most vulnerable?

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    • pasowino says:

      I agree that they are wrong and should be jailed for committing fraud. However, I’m curious, did they actually improve people’s hearing? Did the sort of know what they were doing? If that’s the case, I suspect this can be a lower degree of fraud. It’s like hiring someone to do open heart surgery and they do a good job and later you find out they didn’t actually go to medical school. Since the surgery went well and my heart is fixed, was I really “harmed” in the process? Not sure, just asking the question. :)

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      • BeenThereDoneThat says:

        Well if you don’t mind felonies then you should be o.k. Passing yourself off as a Doctor without the lic. to practice is a F-E-L-O-N-Y.

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        • pasowino says:

          I 100% agree with you, but was I “harmed” if I wasn’t really harmed, and if I wasn’t, is it a lesser felony than if I was harmed? :)

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          • r0y says:

            …but if the surgeon was not licensed, it does not allow the state to control her, therefore it is still a FELONY. The state must never be denied their control over us.

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      • CONCERNEDINPR says:

        I have two issues with this case.

        If I’m not mistaken, an Audiologist, by definition, is not a physician but a certified, licensed technologist who has been professionally trained.

        If, in fact, clients and insurance companies were bilked with fraudulent invoices, the perpetrators should be prosecuted . All of that said $1,000,000 in bail? A million dollars?

        How about assessing a million dollars bail for repeat violent offenders who seem to repeated “get out of jail free” due to overcrowding.

        Something is REALLY wrong with our system.

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        • r0y says:

          Or corrupt police lieutenants who force people to sell narcotics stolen from the sheriff’s lockup? That’s only worth $10 grand.

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      • GrayGranny2010 says:

        No, Mr. Marquis does not know what he is doing. He convinced me I needed a hearing aid but I didn’t thus I returned it after one day (since there was a ten day free trail period…but my insurance was billed the day I walked out of his office). KSBY ran a “public service'” ad for Advanced Hearing Aid Center offering free hearing tests so I thought I’d take advantage and get my hearing checked … the free test was also billed to my insurance company. In my opinion, Mr. Marquis is a fraud all the way around and at the expense of how many SLO residents.

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  2. azuresees says:


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  3. Mr. Holly says:

    And Kelly Gearhart and Jay Miller are still free! What is wrong with the system?

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    • r0y says:

      These people obviously did not donate to the established political parties.

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  4. slocal says:

    How are they now just arresting this guy? This has been an open secret here for YEARS.

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  5. Pelican1 says:

    Will there be a bail “hearing?”

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    • r0y says:

      I can’t believe my ears!

      What are you saying?

      This is unheard of!

      I don’t want to listen to any more puns!

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  6. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Wait a minute. The first paragraph………….

    “A man who falsely claimed to be audiologist and his wife turned themselves in Tuesday after police showed up to arrest them at their Atascadero home.”

    I love how people like this like to convince themselves that they turned themselves in. Let’s see cops came to YOUR house to ARREST you!?? You didn’t turn yourselves in, you had no other choice!!!!

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  7. Ben Daho says:

    The Irony is he has to attend a “hearing” Badump. (I’ll be here all week) Be sure to tip your waitress.

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