Paso Robles woman killed in tragic accident

December 21, 2013

A Paso Robles mother of four died Thursday afternoon after her husband’s truck ran her over.

Jana CarlsonJana Carlson, 35, was speaking with her husband Kenneth Carlson, 38, at the Broken Earth Winery where she works as a tasting room manager. She then walked in front of his Ford F350 and bent down to pick something up.

Kenneth Carlson drove forward hitting his wife who suffered blunt force trauma.

Emergency personnel transported her to Twin Cities Hospital where she died from her injuries.

The Carlsons lived together in Paso Robles with their children ages 15, 11, 7 and 4.

California Highway Patrol officers are investigating the incident.




  1. Pelican1 says:

    May you find strength
    in the love of family
    and in the warm embrace
    of friends.
    It will be the little things
    that you will remember,
    the quiet moments,
    the smiles, the laughter.
    And although it may seem
    hard right now,
    it will be the memories
    of these little things
    that help to push
    away the pain
    and bring the smiles
    back again.
    God Bless you

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  2. pasoparent5 says:

    Neighbor Jennifer Sorenson is leading the efforts to help the Carlson family. See the Helpfor the Calrlson Family FB page for her contact info:

    Also, from the local paper: Donations to the Carlson family can be made through the “Jana Carlson Memorial Fund” at Chase Bank. Donations can also be given through the website, Also Gift cards for the family are being accepted at Paso Robles Sports Club on Union Road in Paso Robles.

    One of my kids goes to school with their daughter, Zyan. Very, very sad situation but the community support has been amazing. The FB page shows hundreds of people getting involved to help the Carlson family in their time of need…makes me proud of fellow Paso Roblans.

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  3. survivor says:

    My heart goes out to the entire family. So sad, especially being close to Christmas. May
    you find peace in your hearts with the love that Jana had for you all.

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  4. r0y says:

    Oh that is terrible! Very tragic, indeed. Especially at Christmas.

    My condolences to the family and I hope the husband will be able to deal with this over time. It is never easy, but this will be even harder.

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    • Theo P. Neustic says:

      I’m convinced that there are people who frequent this site and vote down on any comments posted by certain perceived “enemies” just because they, themselves, are miserable mean people at heart.I can’t imagine any other reason why the comment by “rOy” would get a thumbs down. Thumbs down?

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