Man runs into Santa Maria house, threatens to detonate bomb

March 24, 2014

bomb2A man stormed into a house in Santa Maria Friday night and threatened to blow up a bomb. [KSBY]

Marcos Vela, 20, knocked on a door in the 1100 block of N. Lincoln Street in Santa Maria around 7:40 p.m. When a resident opened the door, Vela rushed inside and threatened the people in the home.

Vela said he had a bomb and was going to blow up the house, according to Santa Maria police. He then grabbed one of the residents and tried to force the others into a bedroom.

The residents managed to restrain Vela while one called 911.

Officers arrested Vela for robbery, kidnapping, burglary and making criminal threats. Prior to taking him to Santa Barbara County Jail, they transported him to a hospital for treatment to injuries he sustained during the struggle.



  1. MaryMalone says:

    Well? Was there a bomb? What happened to the bomb? What kind of a bomb was it?

    Love these cliffhangers.

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  2. deebo says:

    Santa Maria… More and more like Tijuana everyday.

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    • Zuma7 says:

      Add to that list South L.A., and (not too far south) Oxnard.
      Mexico Norte….

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      • photocal says:

        How about King City? We sent Our prized , and bounced Chief of Police from Atascadero up there to help (?) them out. (OR help himself out ?)

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  3. Pelican1 says:


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  4. MarkGB says:

    This is why I answer the door at night with a snub nosed .44 Special in my back pocket.

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  5. SLOTECH90 says:

    Bust into my house with your loony-toon crap, and you damn well will have to go the hospital for “injuries incurred during the struggle.”

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