San Luis Obispo Paso Robles on the top 10 best city list

March 25, 2014

gallupSan Luis Obispo and Paso Robles were listed as the eighth best city for well-being out of 189 cities or pairs of cities, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

The 2013 rankings are based on more than 500,000 interviews in which people were asked about such matters as their emotional and physical health, job satisfaction, community safety and access to food, shelter and health care.

Provo, Utah ranked number one and also had the lowest percentage of smokers, 7 percent.

Huntington W.Va, was at the bottom of the list.

Near the bottom of the list, Charleston, W. Va., had the highest percentage of smokers, 34 percent. Utica-Rome in New York had the highest job satisfaction at 93 percent and Charleston the lowest at 81 percent.




  1. JB Bronson says:

    This just in: Survey was administered at local wineries………… Paso City Employees…………………………during “Happy Hour”.

    (7) 9 Total Votes - 8 up - 1 down
  2. Jorge Estrada says:

    Santa Margarita is close enough to the best and has an abundance of what they desperately need, water.

    (3) 5 Total Votes - 4 up - 1 down
    • HarryMalone says:

      Word on the street is that Atascadero wants to join with Santa Margarita to ‘share’ the water.

      (-1) 1 Total Votes - 0 up - 1 down
  3. justchuck says:

    Did they miss Beverly Hills and Compton as a pair?

    (5) 11 Total Votes - 8 up - 3 down
  4. hijinks says:

    This is copycat boosterism. The Gallup would have no way to assess such matters — asking people their opinions is hardly scientific, it’s gossip. The more substantive mental health assessments done by others are a better gauge of that issue. Also, if they rated on “access to food,” clearly they didn’t interview the large number of people who must dumpster dive and go to food banks. Looks like maybe all they asked to respond were our elected officials, who can’t quite get over waking up every day to know they are in charge of the happiest place.

    (1) 13 Total Votes - 7 up - 6 down
  5. Pelican1 says:

    The survey most have excluded elected officials.

    (14) 16 Total Votes - 15 up - 1 down
    • givemeabreak says:

      San Luis? Well maybe but Paso Robles…that place has ALWAYS been a s hole.

      (-1) 27 Total Votes - 13 up - 14 down
      • Pelican1 says:

        Well, the way I figure it, all the questionnaires were erroneously sent to App. That’s the ONLY plausible answer.

        (8) 16 Total Votes - 12 up - 4 down
    • hijinks says:

      More likely, they only interviewed elected officials and the minions. Who else would be so happy, happy? Certainly not the peons being screwed by the electeds.

      (6) 14 Total Votes - 10 up - 4 down
  6. info says:

    That’s why we live here.

    (5) 9 Total Votes - 7 up - 2 down
  7. Mr. Holly says:

    Was that with or without water?

    (13) 17 Total Votes - 15 up - 2 down
    • Gordo says:

      Yes water will be important when you’re cruising around all the bums downtown; dodging panhandlers can give you a powerful thirst. The good news is there are plenty of bars that will be happy to overcharge you for a drink.

      (35) 37 Total Votes - 36 up - 1 down

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