Police dispute that Ray is a target

July 1, 2014
Caren Ray

Caren Ray


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Caren Ray contends a pellet or BB shot through her window was done purposely by someone standing in her small private front yard, an allegation police say the evidence does not support.

“Someone shot through my window,” Ray says on Facebook. “Guess this is what the general election is going to be like. Whoa.”

After noting the difference in the height of the hole through her screen and the hole through the window, Ray determined a very tall person trespassed into her private yard and shot into her window.

“The scary part is that given the angle (shown by the screen), the person had to be at least 6′ tall standing in my secluded yard, or a small child standing on my porch,” Ray says on Facebook. “It really had to be the former.”

However, Arroyo Grande police said the BB or pellet shot through Ray’s window Sunday evening appears random and was most likely children from a nearby wooded area. There have been dozens of BB gun shootings reported during the past few months, police said.

“We do not believe this was politically motivated, we believe this was kids,” Arroyo Grande Police Sergeant Dan Langstaff said. “She lives in a place near a creek where kids congregate. We know kids run around with BB guns all the time. It appears random.”

In addition, several former law enforcement officers looked at the photo of the window Ray posted on Facebook and also do not agree with Ray’s conclusion. They said the hole is slightly oval and that the hole through the window is lower than the hole through the screen, suggesting a BB or pellet was most likely on its downward trajectory. They determined the shot was likely taken from 30 to 200 yards away depending on the gun used.

Caren Ray's Facebook picture of pellet or BB shot through window.

Caren Ray’s Facebook picture of the pellet or BB hole in her window.


  1. nipomian says:

    “Oh…did I miss the part where there was an accusation that Compton was the shooter?”

    What else would “Guess this is what the general election is going to be like. Whoa.” surmise?

    That was a direct insinuation claiming the incident came from the direction of the opposing campaign. With the Hasher issue which equals nauseating behavior for a HS school teacher, she’d be an embarrassment to the district as our supervisor. She won’t have that opportunity with the aid of my vote.

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  2. Pelican1 says:

    No need to ask
    She’s a smooth cop-u-later
    Smooth cop-u-later, smooth cop-u-later
    Smooth cop-u-later, smooth cop-u-later
    Smooth cop-u-later, smooth cop-u-later
    Smooth cop-u-later, smooth cop-u-later
    Smooth cop-u-later, smooth cop-u-later…..

    (2) 24 Total Votes - 13 up - 11 down
  3. Cindy says:

    I wonder if the guy who woke up with his hair cut off, his cell phone missing and his butt branded with the word bitch a couple of years ago is 6′ tall? LOL

    (15) 29 Total Votes - 22 up - 7 down
    • Pelican1 says:

      Was he wearing a medallion?

      (9) 19 Total Votes - 14 up - 5 down
    • Kevin Rice says:

      Oh! Ouch! You are referring to Caren Ray’s bawdy sex-club party days (see photo, page 8):


      And Caren Ray’s post (see page 4) as “SLO-Cop-U-Later” in reply to “Stubby Python” who apparently is the branded individual:

      SLO-Cop-U-Later (Caren Ray) writes, “And Python- that’s not YOUR ass. Yours was tied to a column with a five dollar bill stuck in your crack.”

      (5) 31 Total Votes - 18 up - 13 down
      • Kevin Rice says:

        CORRECTION: Supervisor Caren Ray indicated “Stubby” was victim of a generous $5 gift and WAS NOT the branded individual.

        (7) 27 Total Votes - 17 up - 10 down
      • Cindy says:

        Yup, I believe the club was named something like the Hash Hound Harriers….It was one of the funniest stories I ever read as it was referring to the behavior of a newly “appointed” City Council member who was out partying by having sex on the trails and doing jello shots in the local WalMart parking lot. LOL

        Oh yeah and branding her friends butts with the word bitch!! Geeezzzzzzz and then she got “appointed” to the BOS, WT_?

        (5) 27 Total Votes - 16 up - 11 down
      • Justducky says:

        Did you miss out on this fun time, Kev? The years have gone by, but it may not be too late for you too to learn to cut loose and laugh once in awhile. Yes, we’ve all grown up now but I’m getting the feeling that there is some jealousy here as you were not part of this amusing group. So if you can’t join ’em beat ’em is that it?

        (-8) 26 Total Votes - 9 up - 17 down
        • MaryMalone says:

          When you have to stoop to blaming the messenger, it is a sure fire way to show you cannot lodge a logical argument against the message.

          (-3) 15 Total Votes - 6 up - 9 down
      • Justducky says:

        Kevin, I’m really not quite sure how you have come to the conclusion that this group was a “sex-club.” Were you there, drooling, while peeking through the bushes? I’m curious where your first hand evidence is or are your fantasies just getting the best of you again.

        (-7) 25 Total Votes - 9 up - 16 down
        • zaphod says:


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          • Kevin Rice says:

            Nice spin. From the same web site:

            Run #: 689 On: 2014-07-01 Hares: Mangina, Nine Inch Nipples
            Run #: 688 On: 2014-06-17 Hares: Rear Admiral, Sandy Twat
            Run #: 687 On: 2014-06-03 Hares: Sextra Credit, Brokeback Blower

            And, from Supervisor Caren Ray’s (Cop-U-Later’s club):

            Hash #278 – Thursday, July 3, 2014 @ 6:00 pm: The Stars and Strippers Hash

            Bust out your itsy bitsy teeny weenie RED WHITE AND BLUE striped bikinis!! It’s time to celebrate ‘Merica with the hash of the century. Dress patriotic and the skimpiest outfit will receive a prize that will titilate your most sensitive bits.

            The theme is STARS AND STRIPPERS so practice those pole moves and prepare to get your patriotic asses aroused.

            Lets be proud of our red, white and boobs, and show our patriotism through intoxicated running/walking and be the best ‘Mericans we can be.

            The trail will be A-A meeting at 6pm on Thursday, July 3rd. Meet at the end of Bridge Street in SLO. Bridge is a little South of the Madonna/Higuera intersection. Just mapquest it you tech savvy bastards. There is a parking lot on the right side of the road towards the end that we will meet in.

            Bring $5, your ID’s and as many VIRGINS as you can get your grubby little hands on. This will be one for the record books! Go ahead and clear your schedule for Friday, you won’t be doing anything productive.

            Your most erotic and well hung Hares,

            Just Derrick
            Just Jordan

            (-3) 13 Total Votes - 5 up - 8 down
            • zaphod says:

              no, sophomore level language arts semantics
              double entendre and hyperbole (what would Frank Zappa say)
              the signifier is not the signified
              if the hashers are “clean” enough for Atlanta GeorgiaPBS the hashers are clean enough for mission prep or AG
              the map is not the territory the description is not the described the symbol is not the symbolized don’t be fooled by double entendre hyperbole

              (-4) 10 Total Votes - 3 up - 7 down
              • Kevin Rice says:

                Ha ha! Good one. Every parent wants “SLO-Cop-U-Later” to be their kids’ teacher.

                (-1) 13 Total Votes - 6 up - 7 down
                • zaphod says:

                  The nick name from a game made in/for fun , has non-relevance to her professional abilities, there happen to be ‘cop-u-laters in almost every harrier club,
                  double entendres
                  only people in the game used that name.
                  doing otherwise is shallow and mean.
                  meaning less and less

                  (0) 8 Total Votes - 4 up - 4 down
                • nipomian says:

                  “The nick name from a game made in/for fun”

                  That might be looked as +kids will be kids+ when the members ARE kids. Not when an adult member was active in the club very few years ago and now that same adult requests the votes of other adults electing her a county district supervisor.

                  (-1) 1 Total Votes - 0 up - 1 down
        • MaryMalone says:

          Not everybody is such as loser that they have to join a club of fellow losers in order to get some bizarre jolly over drinking in a public parking lot in front of minor children and participating in bizarre displays of public nudity.

          (-2) 12 Total Votes - 5 up - 7 down
    • MajorityFan says:

      You have a twin brother?

      (1) 5 Total Votes - 3 up - 2 down

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