Shark attacks surfboard near the Oceano Dunes

July 6, 2014

sharkA surfer had a close encounter with a shark early Saturday morning in the waters near the Oceano Dunes Park.

Between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., the shark bit into the man’s board knocking him into the water. After the surfer got back on his board, the shark tried to bite at it again, but missed.

Because of the size of the bite marks, the shark is suspected of being about 8 feet in length.

Shortly afterwards, about 9 a.m., a shark was sighted near the Pismo Beach pier.

Because no one was injured, the beaches remain open, though officials are advising people to be cautious.



  1. Pelican1 says:

    Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
    And he shows ’em, pearly white
    Just a jack knife has Macheath, dear
    And he keeps it, keeps it way out of sight

    When that shark bites with his teeth, dear
    Scarlet billows, they begin to spread
    Fancy white gloves though has Macheath, dear
    So there’s rarely, never one trace of red

  2. info says:

    Quint: What are you? Some kind of half-assed astronaut?

    Quint: Jesus H Christ, when I was a boy, every little squirt wanted to be a harpooner or a sword fisherman. What d’ya have there – a portable shower or a monkey cage?

    Hooper: Anti-Shark cage.

    Quint: Anti-shark cage. You go inside the cage?

    Quint: Cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark’s in the water. Our shark.

    Quint: Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain. For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore shall we see you again.

  3. Theo P. Neustic says:

    5,4,3,2,1…until the first comment that ” it’s their area and we’re the invaders “etc.

  4. flytrap says:

    With so many great whites out there, it’s not so hard to get board out there

  5. Russ J says:

    Quint – get the bigger boat. We gotta man eater out there!

    • info says:

      My all time favorite –

      Ellen Brody: Martin hates boats. Martin hates water. Martin… Martin sits in his car when we go on the ferry to the mainland. I guess it’s a childhood thing. It’s a… there’s a clinical name for it isn’t there?

      Brody: Drowning.

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