Giraffe licks and kicks SLO woman

August 17, 2014

Amanda HallA Giraffe at a Madison Zoo first licked and then kicked a 24-year-old San Luis Obispo woman who was attempting to trespass into the giraffe exhibit on Saturday, according to the Madison Police.

Amanda Hall climbed over one fence and was partially over a second fence that surrounds the giraffe exhibit when Wally, a two-year-old, 12-foot-tall giraffe, first licked Hall and then turned and kicked her in the face.

Though Hall’s injuries were non-life-threatening, staff at the Henry Vilas Zoo warns visitors that giraffes are capable of killing lions, and that Hall was lucky not to have been more seriously injured.

Madison police cited Hall for harassment of zoo animals, which carries a $686 fine.

Hall told police officers that she climbed into the exhibit area because she loves giraffes.



  1. Slowerfaster says:

    Sounds like a tall tale to me.

  2. MajorityFan says:

    Welcome to Giraffic Park.

  3. letsbhonest says:

    What a dumb stupid girl! Why is it these dumb people think they can climb over, crawl under
    Fences to get closer to to a wild animal? Disregarding signs and Do Not Enter!! I Mean I’m
    Glad the girls ok…..but dam….. come on chick…use that thing between your ears! Called your

    • r0y says:

      Good ol’ word wrap… let it work. Just like the woman in this story should have let the fences work. I also believe she was NOT mute.

  4. achillesheal says:

    Hopefully the giraffe hoof knocked some sense into her. Is the attorney who is suing spyglass going after the zoo, for only having 2 fences between the idiots and the animals, Madison WI, and the giraffe for battery of his client?

  5. Perspicacious says:

    Hey Wisconsin, keep her. PLEASE don’t send her back. We have enough idiots out here already.

  6. taxpayer says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    Forrest Gump

  7. October says:

    When I clicked on the headline on, imagine my surprise to see it was a woman from SLO who did this. Who is this gal?

  8. MaryMalone says:

    Natural section at work.

    • MaryMalone says:


    • OnTheOtherHand says:

      Natural selection only takes effect if it stops her from reproducing. While it might be a good idea for her to do that, it seems a tiny bit overboard to wish that the giraffe did it to her.

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