Gov. Brown nixes parole for Manson follower at CMC

August 9, 2014
Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis

A member of the infamous Manson “family” had his bid for parole officially rejected by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday, dashing his hopes of being released from California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo County.

In March, the state Board of Parole Hearings granted parole Bruce Davis. The 71-year-old has been serving life sentences for two 1969 murders as well as conspiracy to commit murder. He was not directly involved in the killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles.

In a decision released Friday, Brown reversed the earlier decision by the state parole board to free Davis. The governor said Brown’s self-portrayal as a passive bystander in the murders makes him unsuitable for parole.

“The exceptional brutality of these crimes and the terror the Manson family inflicted on the Los Angeles community 45 years ago still resonate,” Brown said in his decision, released Friday evening. “These crimes represent that “rare circumstance” in which the aggravated nature of the crimes alone is sufficient to deny parole.”

It is the third time a California governor has nixed Davis’ release from prison.



  1. MarkGB says:

    The whole gang would have been released into society long ago if not for the documentaries, books and movies about the Manson Family.

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  2. achillesheal says:

    Let him go already. These crimes were committed so long ago that jerry brown was governor of California!

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  3. Gordo says:

    Good for Governor Brown! Life sentence should mean life; this man earned two of them, which were commuted from the death penalty when the U.S Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in the early 70’s on the grounds that it was not uniformly applied in all states.
    Governor Brown is old enough to remember the Manson Family when they were in their heyday and he gets my vote in November for showing some comm on sense and backbone.

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  4. wineguyjc says:

    Could have paroled him and given him a job in wastewater at the City of SLO. He would fit right in.

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  5. indigo1955 says:

    Let’s get real here: how would a 71 year-old man that has never worked and existed outside in the real world ever be able to function at a level where he could be financially independent? He couldn’t cope. Well, let’s just say I am pretty happy I didn’t reincarnate as Bruce Davis this time around. Probably had a crappy childhood too…then hooked up with Charlie…and kaboom….that was about it.

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  6. Myself says:

    This piece of trash and his followers have cost the taxpayers of this state an enormous amount of money,they all should have been given the chair years ago.

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  7. Extremely Stoic says:

    Murderers should never, ever see the light of freedom. Never

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  8. ironyman2000 says:

    I see the wingnuts have not yet come up with a justification to blast Governor Brown
    for this decision.

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  9. jonhartz says:

    I met this guy at CMC last year on a tour…nice enough fellow, for a mass murderer, but he needs to stay here a long time. So now I am two degrees of separation from Charlie….shiver….

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