Inmates injured in three car pileup

August 11, 2014

yellowFour people, including three inmates, were injured in a three car crash in Santa Maria on Monday.

Shortly before 10 a.m., a woman driving a truck ran a red light at Miller Street and hit a Santa Barbara County Jail van. That inmate van then crashed into another Santa Barbara County Jail van that was stopped at a red light.

Emergency medical personnel transported three of the prisoners to the hospital. Though injured, the driver of the truck refused treatment at the scene.



  1. womanwhohasbeenthere says:

    Good questions. And if she doesn’t have insurance, we the taxpayers get stuck for this: the government probably has uninsured motorist coverage, but still there is a deductible, and the rates may go up. . And since they are government vehicles of course it will cost more to repair them, and what does the jail do in the meantime? Sounds like a lot of charges: running the red light, causing a multi-car accident, injuries, damages to government property. Was she arrested? Even charged? Illegally here?

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  2. Extremely Stoic says:

    50% of the traffic accidents in Santa Maria are hit and runs.(look it up). The report doesn’t,t say how this ended. Did the women have to be stopped, was she licensed, did she have insurance?

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    • kayaknut says:

      Since your asking those types of question you obviously are a racist, a bigot and not PC.

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      • Extremely Stoic says:

        I’m a realist, thanks.

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        • kayaknut says:

          Realist are not allowed in California.

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          • Extremely Stoic says:

            I been here 65 years, go to SF, you might be more content.

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            • kayaknut says:

              Been to S.F., they are in their own mess, of their making. As for the rest of California it’s mess seems to be ending no time soon, thanks to those in charge.

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