SLO driver botches parking job on Higuera

September 4, 2014

BwpF9RKIEAAsWPYIn what is likely the worst parallel-parking job of the year in downtown San Luis Obispo, on Wednesday afternoon a woman wedged her car between a tree and a clothing store on Higuera Street. [KSBY]

San Luis Obispo police say the woman confused the gas and brake pedals as she was attempting to park. Her four-door sedan clipped a tree and hit the exterior of clothing store Lulu Luxe, located in the 800 block of Higuera Street.

Firefighters responded and used the Jaws of Life to extricate the woman from her car. At the time, the driver was believed to have a leg injury, but she turned out to be in good condition.

No other people suffered injuries in the crash. The Lulu Luxe building sustained only minor damage.

An arborist examined the tree that was hit and determined it to be fine.


  1. Jorge Estrada says:

    If she plays her cards right, her fault may yeild big bucks, that seems to be the legal trend these days. Was the curb regulation height, were the news stands permitted, etc? I know there is a case somewhere and SLO may write a big fat check to avoid a law suit.

    Isn’t this way of thinking corrupt, don’t laugh it may be the law we allow.

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  2. panflash says:

    “Oh, oh- better call Saul!”

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  3. achillesheal says:

    Confused the break and the gas?? Why would someone slam down the “brake” while parallel parking? Fortunately nobody was hurt or killed.

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  4. TaxMeAgain says:

    Another wonderful SLO driver. I need to sell my motorcycles.

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    • achillesheal says:

      even pedestrians on the sidewalk aren’t safe. Thank god the tree wasn’t hurt or she’d have the environmentalists picketing her home.

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    • LameCommenter says:

      If they have illegally-modified loud very loud exhausts, you sure as @&$)?$& do.
      If you are a civilized rider or Gold Winger, that means responsible and quiet, carry on, in safety.

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      • Messkit says:

        I am a very civilized rider, never a ticket of any sort in 40 years of driving and riding. I am an American Legion Rider at Post 66 here in SLO. I ride a very custom Harley….with modified pipes.

        If you can hear me, then you will look for me. Which is tenfold better than you NOT looking for me, or not seeing me, or just not thinking about me.

        BTW…Gold Wings suck :)

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  5. catdude says:

    Oh my, that driver better get James Mckiernan lawyer and sue the pants off the car manufacturer; all those lawsuits against Toyota for the dreaded Unintended Acceleration proved drivers don’t hit the wrong pedal; it’s the car’s fault!

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    • isoslo says:

      And sue the city for not making bigger parking spaces

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    • kayaknut says:

      Unless she was using her cellphone and texting, then she can sue the city, the private business, and why not the drivers around her for not giving her enough space, Ryan Harris is likely available, he probably just cashed his check from the Cliff Hotel case.

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  6. mrcyberdoc says:

    The real question is, did she avoid a ticket by putting money in the meter before the police arrived?

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