Santa Maria bans growing pot

December 2, 2015

medical marijuan rxThe Santa Maria City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a ban on growing medical marijuana. The council  also voted to continue permitting deliveries of medical cannabis within the city. [KSBY]

Santa Maria has an existing ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. But, the city allows mobile dispensaries based outside of Santa Maria to deliver to its residents.

In October, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a package of medical marijuana regulations that require cities to adopt ordinances by March 2016 or cede regulatory authority to the state. Cities throughout California are now rushing to adopt ordinances regulating medical marijuana sales, deliveries and cultivation.

State officials plan to start issuing licenses to medical marijuana suppliers and distributors in 2018.

In San Luis Obispo County, the Arroyo Grande City Council announced plans last month to ban growing medical marijuana.

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What is with local cities “banning” medical pot growing. State law for the last 15 or 20 years, says that you can, in fact, grow medical marijuana, provided you follow the state guidelines. There are no caveats that allow particular cities to ignore state law; they can pass ordinances all they want, they do not trump state law. This is another mindless waste of taxpayer time and money…Let the lawsuits begin, I guess.

What a joke, large crops are planted in the hills and the dopers have their few plants in the yard. This will never go away and may I suggest anyone that is interested to read the last couple of pages of the New Times to see all the ads for dispersers, for home delivery, devices, choices, availabilty of good you can buy, etc,. This is probably what is keeping New Times printing and the name truly fits!