Move To Amend of San Luis Obispo County

We are the SLO County affiliate for a national organization called Move To Amend. Their national website is

Our goal is to frame and pass a constitutional amendment that clarifies exactly what a corporation is not, and exactly what money is.

To over-simplify our message to Congress:
Corporations are artificial entities and do not enjoy the constitutional protections that are clearly reserved for human citizens.
Money is a medium for economic exchange, and is not “free speech.” Therefore it is not protected by the First Amendment and shall be regulated when used in politics, especially campaign donations.

This is in response to a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 called Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission. The ruling made unconstitutional any regulation of money in politics and overturned over 100 years of collected legislation attempting to restrict the unfair influence of big-money special interest groups in all elections, national, state and local.

Our phase 1 goal is to convince all local governments in the County of San Luis Obispo to issue a resolution (non-binding, of course) urging our national leaders to create an appropriately worded amendment to send to the 50 states for ratification. It is only by an overwhelming demand issued from a grass-roots movement that moves to national awareness that can overcome the power already wielded by giant, multinational corporations and the ultra-wealthy elite.

We encourage all interested parties, and especially Cal Poly students, to attend a meeting of Move To Amend of San Luis Obispo County and see what they can do to defend our democratic republic from the assault of the rich and powerful, in their attempts to create an oligarchy or plutocracy in it’s stead.

For more information, we encourage anyone interested to learn more by contacting Dianne at 805.466.4429 or email Carol at

Tuesday, 18 December, 2012
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM



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GALA Center
1060 Palm Street
San Luis ObispoCA 93401

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