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CalCoastNews.com works hard for you

We could spend a lot of space telling you how CalCoastNews.com breaks stories of local importance, day after day, week after week. But you already know that. We could list all the reasons why San Luis Obispo County needs the vigilant... (Continue reading)

Verbal swords still crossing in Atascadero

By KAREN VELIE In Atascadero, change means more of the same when it comes to contentious city council sessions, with councilmember Tom O’Malley and cohort councilmember Jerry Clay demonstrating they have enduring memories. O’Malley’s barrage of accusations aimed at Mayor Ellen Beraud... (Continue reading)

Sanctuary becomes killing field for “protected” animals

By KAREN VELIE A husband and wife team of internationally known environmentalists, paid handsomely to oversee a San Luis Obispo County sanctuary for infirm animals, has ordered the accelerating slaughter of many of their wards. Former and present employees of the Dancing... (Continue reading)

What’s changing for medical pot under Obama?

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Signs abound that federal interest in medicinal marijuana use may be diminishing under the Barack Obama Administration. There’s also no indication that such a relaxation in enforcement by U.S. drug authorities would impact San Luis Obispo County much. Or... (Continue reading)

Gearhart files bankruptcy

By KAREN VELIE Kelly Gearhart, a North County developer with ties to hard money lender Hurst Financial, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Ohio. Gearhart and his wife, Tamara Lowe, filed the bankruptcy petition on Wednesday, stating $6.5 million in... (Continue reading)

Deputies seeking sheriffs’ union split

By KAREN VELIE Members of the county’s largest and most influential union have mounted an aggressive campaign to divide the Deputies Sheriff’s Association (DSA) into two separate unions. If the action is successful, one union would be comprised of sworn peace officers,... (Continue reading)

Developer blames downturn in the market

Robert Fowler forgot to pay some taxes on his 100 acre property near the Santa Margarita Ranch development. In 2005, at the top of the market, Fowler failed to pay $619,000 in taxes and penalties. While Tom Daschle threw his... (Continue reading)

EFI victims question attorney’s actions

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN An attorney with a prominent San Luis Obispo law firm who injected himself into the ongoing hard money lending scandal has assembled a group of investor clients with apparently competing interests. Roger Frederickson of the Sinsheimer... (Continue reading)

No buts about it: Inmate cell phone use up

By DANIEL BLACKBURN In agony from abdominal cramps, the California Men’s Colony (CMC) inmate was bent over groaning when correctional officers discovered him, and though initially reticent, the man finally confessed to smuggling. He had a contraband cell phone and its... (Continue reading)

Guth, Yaguda still stewing; more arrests hinted

By KAREN VELIE Prosecutors and defense attorneys today asked a judge to postpone arraignment and bail hearing for Estate Financial Inc. principles Karen Guth and Joshua Yaguda for the fourth time. San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Charles Crawford agreed to... (Continue reading)

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