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Jack McCurdy

Jack McCurdy is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times who now lives in Morro Bay

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Diablo Nuclear Plant: Disaster Waiting to Happen?

OPINION By Jack McCurdy Approximately 27,000 people are either dead or missing as a result of the earthquake off Japan on March 11 and the resulting tsunami and destruction of nuclear plants there. Does that figure sound familiar? Baywood-Los Osos and Morro Bay combined have a population of about 25,000. That’s the kind of connection […]... (Continue Reading)

How Sam Blakeslee misleads the voters

By JACK McCURDY I recently received a mailer from Sam Blakeslee regarding the special state Senate election on Aug. 17, which has him facing John Laird, and on one side it has this: John Laird Has the Wrong Priorities “Politician John Laird used his Sacramento insider connections to get a $132,000 a year state job. […]... (Continue Reading)

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Historic proposed state policy against use of sea water

By JACK McCURDY A landmark new state policy that for the first time would restrict and phase out use of estuary, delta and ocean water for cooling coastal power plants has drawn the adamant opposition of the Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion of Morro Bay, the City of Morro Bay, 29 other state and local […]... (Continue Reading)

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