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Jim Hill

Former Oceano Service District President Jim Hill was first elected in 2004 and voted in again in 2008. On March 28, he resigned his seat citing disagreements with district manager Raffaele Montemurro over his accounting practices and failure to follow the board’s direction.

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Who’s paying for all those Arroyo Grande mailers anyway?

Opinion by Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill By now we’re getting used to the false statements and spin from Arroyo Grande mayor candidate Caren Ray- like the one accusing me of “misconduct.” Let’s see- Ray’s confederate Patty Welch falsely accused me of publicizing a confidential personnel matter –actually a contract that was obviously a public […]... (Continue Reading)

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Caren Ray continues to muddy the race with false allegations

OPINION by MAYOR JIM HILL Caren Ray is again making false statements about me in her mayoral campaign. This time it’s about Brisco Road. In April of this year, immediately after the city attorney recommended I obtain an official advice letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding the Brisco interchange project because the choice […]... (Continue Reading)

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Mayor Jim Hill schools the Tribune

OPINION by MAYOR JIM HILL The Sept. 16 Tribune editorial referred to an accusation that was lodged against me on the evening after the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney filed multiple criminal conflict of interest charges against John Wallace, the former sanitation district administrator. By the time of Mr. Wallace’s resignation from the sanitation […]... (Continue Reading)

Mayor Jim Hill responds to allegations

OPINION by ARROYO GRANDE MAYOR JIM HILL At Tuesday’s Arroyo Grande City Council meeting, Oceano residents and former South County Sanitation District directors Mary Lucey and Matt Guerrero alleged I acted inappropriately on the San District Board. By no coincidence, earlier that day SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow brought criminal conflict of interest charges […]... (Continue Reading)

Setting the record straight on AG fire issues

OPINION by JIM HILL and LEANN AKINS Many voters in the City of Arroyo Grande have received a slick mailer from Richard Waller that says, “Our fire department still has no funding to replace 20 year old trucks and outdated equipment. Mayor Hill voted against the Five Cities Fire Authority budget leaving the fire department […]... (Continue Reading)

Don’t be misled by falsehoods and divisive messages

OPINION by JIM HILL In Arroyo Grande, Richard Waller’s campaign materials misrepresent and misinform. It starts with his introduction. His family is third generation but Richard spent most of his life in Nevada. While his family does have agricultural heritage; Richard’s is limited to his current residence on the family property. Now Mr. Waller says […]... (Continue Reading)

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Don’t confuse facts with fiction

Opinion by Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill Friday night we had a debate on the mayoral campaign arranged by the Arroyo Grande High School AP government class. I am glad our future leaders are aware of and concerned about issues facing our city, state and country. Water is first and foremost on everyone’s mind. At […]... (Continue Reading)

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Protecting Arroyo Grande’s water supply

Opinion by Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill Last year, backed by the threat of huge fines, California required Arroyo Grande to cut water usage by 28 percent city-wide. Experiencing unprecedented drought, our residents achieved 37 percent water savings last year. This year, the state gave us a choice: demonstrate you have a three-year reserve supply […]... (Continue Reading)

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Arroyo Grande police stand with Mayor Jim Hill

OPINION by MAYOR JIM HILL In announcing my campaign for re-election as mayor of Arroyo Grande, I’m very proud to have again earned the endorsement of our Police Officers Association. I was compelled to run as your write-in candidate two years ago when former Mayor Tony Ferrara and some city officials questioned the veracity of […]... (Continue Reading)

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The mayor’s thoughts on Arroyo Grande’s budget process

OPINION by MAYOR JIM HILL The end of June is budget preparation time at public agencies, and I found myself having to oppose Arroyo Grande’s mid-cycle budget adjustments. In order to reduce the overall time spent, Arroyo Grande operates on a two-year budget cycle. Fiscal year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 is the […]... (Continue Reading)

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