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Marilyn Armstrong

Marilyn Armstrong is founder of SLO Grassroots Democracy, an independent non-profit action group.

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Following the corporate pied piper

OPINION BY MARILYN ARMSTRONG Prior to the 1970’s, America was primarily a cash based system.  Most families had savings accounts, and adhered to a program of placing 10 percent of their earnings into their savings. Even large ticket items, such as the family car, were often purchased with cash. In 1968 Americans were enjoying a... (Continue Reading)

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Vote to protect our coastline on June 22

By MARILYN ARMSTRONG Governor Schwarzenegger last month called for a special election to fill the California State Senate seat vacated by Republican Abel Maldonado. Schwarzenegger set a date of June 22, now just 10 days away. Efforts by Democrats to stop the election due to the burden of cost to the counties failed, and absentee... (Continue Reading)