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Noel Foerst

Noel Foerst is a retired law enforcement officer living in Paso Robles.

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Appeals board is biased towards assessor’s office

OPINION By NOEL FOERST Most people are unaware of the property Tax Appeals Board of San Luis Obispo County hearing procedures until they question their property’s assessed taxes. Their next step is to challenge the Assessor’s office of Tom Bordonaro Jr. This entails appeals board hearing, where it is stated early on that the burden […]... (Continue Reading)

People not being heard on Paso water issue

By NOEL FOERST We the people, reside in a Republic and have the right to peaceful and productive dissent. Let me say, before I opine, that residing in Paso Robles these past 20 years, I can surely support my local City Council on most issues. However, the citizens of  Paso Robles are very dissatisfied with the way our current City Council […]... (Continue Reading)

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Our constitutional responsibility

BY NOEL FOERST Unhappy with water development plans drafted by Paso Robles City officials, a group of residents formed to take part in their local government. For this action, they’ve encountered the ire of Tribune columnists and editors, along with KPRL radio talk show hosts, all clinging to the concept that local government officials can do no wrong, and […]... (Continue Reading)

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