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Peg Pinard

Peg Pinard is a former county supervisor and mayor of San Luis Obispo.

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PG&E contractor trashes garden

OPINION By PEG PINARD A few days ago I received a call from Manuel, from Davey Tree Co., saying that they would be trimming the palm trees away from the power lines on Broad Street. This was not unusual as they had done this before. From past experience we have witnessed how PG$E interprets their […]... (Continue Reading)

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Historic neighborhoods at risk in San Luis Obispo

OPINION By PEG PINARD When the onerous $10,000 per infraction and up to $5,000 a day for 30 days fines were removed from the proposed San Luis Obispo historic ordinance, it may have been tempting to think that was the end of the horrendous impact this ordinance would have on historic neighborhoods. Not so, as […]... (Continue Reading)

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