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Pete Evans

Pete Evans is a long time San Luis Obispo resident and activist.

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Immigrants strengthen and enrich our culture

OPINION by PETE EVANS There is much talk about immigration these days, especially concerning the plight of the multitudes of Syrians fleeing their country due to war and terror. I believe we have in place a method of investigation and vetting of new immigrants. No one wants to welcome anyone with ill feelings for our […]... (Continue Reading)

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Love letter to the NRA

OPINION By PETE EVANS Recently the United Nations, those black booted thugs the neo cons hate, passed an arms control treaty (opposed by the National Rifle Association and its selfish allies) in an attempt to manage the obscene weapons traffic over international borders. This huge business has brought unimaginable terror, misery and death to countless […]... (Continue Reading)

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San Luis Obispo management needs to be accountable

OPINION By PETE EVANS Dear CalCoastNews readers, I’m sharing this with you since this is an important and public issue. Below, I ask our local government if they approve of the actions of their peace officers, I think you might like to know as well. I have invited Ms Lichtig and our city council to […]... (Continue Reading)

I Blame the San Luis Obispo City Council

OPINION By PETE EVANS You can see I sent the following letter almost two months ago. Near the end of my missive I asked my representatives on the San Luis Obispo City Council to address these issues without condescending arrogance. Well, they certainly complied-by not responding at all! If that is not OK with you […]... (Continue Reading)

Letter to the San Luis Obispo City Council

Opinion By PETE EVANS I remember before we had Farmer’s Market. The stores were open late and local young people hung out and cruised in cars down Higuera and up Marsh. The establishment just couldn’t stand this outlet for our youth so they killed it by closing the street and created Farmer’s Market. I missed […]... (Continue Reading)