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Stacey Warde

Stacey Warde writes from his home in Cayucos where he tends a local two-acre stand of blueberries.

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Warde remembers New Times’ Steve Moss

Opinion by Stacey Warde, publisher of the Rogue Voice I worked at New Times as managing editor at the turn of the century, not long after 9/11, when the alternative weekly wasn’t yet 20 years old. Recently, I received an email from a past reader and contributor: “Did New Times contact you about contributing to […]... (Continue Reading)

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The real shame of American culture

OPINION By STACEY WARDE A woman at the thrift shop today asked me if I was homeless. I had just pulled a pair of Levi jeans off the rack, and a book on writing I’d discovered off the shelf and placed them before her. “Do you take credit or debit cards?” I asked. “No, I’m […]... (Continue Reading)

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Trampling the First Amendment in Cayucos

By Stacey Warde, editor of the Rogue Voice In the early days of the Rogue Voice, when it was still merely a monthly newsprint journal, we published a story about what prisoners do when they get horny. Tito David Valdez, Jr., doing 25-years-to-life for conspiracy to commit murder, wrote an essay about “Hittin’ it,” an […]... (Continue Reading)

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Crazy comes to Cayucos, pretends to have a gun

OPINION By STACEY WARDE We get our share of crazies passing through town. I met one recently at Kelley’s Espresso and Desserts Coffee Shop in Cayucos. Right away he took a dislike to me—and to just about everyone who crossed his path. The sheriff’s deputies had informed window washers on the job across the street […]... (Continue Reading)

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Greed: The real American dream

OPINION By STACEY WARDE At my college graduation in 1984, a candidate receiving a degree in American Studies stepped up to the podium for his diploma, and someone in the audience proclaimed loudly, “What the hell can you do with a degree in American Studies?” I had taken an American Studies course, the “American dream,” […]... (Continue Reading)

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Running on empty

OPINION By STACEY WARDE As I write this, a collection agency is leaving another annoying, threatening message on the answering machine. The voice is petulant, measured and all business. I’ve just walked back into the house to make a call of my own after starting up my work truck—a 30-year-old beast that backfires and sputters—and […]... (Continue Reading)

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A Cayucos Fourth of July

By STACEY WARDE I’m raw and unbalanced, hung over from a bout with beer and whisky. I skipped going to work today. It’s gray, overcast and generally gloomy. Besides, it’s a Saturday, and a Fourth of July weekend. I hate working weekends, especially holidays, but I’m getting used to it. In this economy, few can […]... (Continue Reading)

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I never thought it would be like this

By STACEY WARDE Worried that I might sink into a hole, squeaking out an inadequate living as a part-time farmhand, Mom suggests that I look into an opening at Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary, not far from where she lives. “They’re looking for a funeral director,” she says excitedly. “Mom, I’m not qualified for a […]... (Continue Reading)

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Commentary: Marijuana and the badge

By STACEY WARD When the sheriff came to town, backed by countless federal agents, to bust a legitimate, city-approved business, we could all breathe ahuge sigh of relief. No more squirrelly riff-raff posing as patients to get theirmarijuana fix. No more “medical” marijuana dispensaries in San LuisObispo County. No more respect for community-based values andstandards in which local citizens govern themselves.... (Continue Reading)