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Central Coast man sues casino over losses

A Ventura businessman filed suit against a Las Vegas casino after he lost $500,000 playing drunk on Super Bowl weekend. Mark Johnston, 52, filed suit against the Downtown Grand for giving him a line of credit and serving him drinks... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly Greek parties enter near-alcohol prohibition

Hard alcohol, kegs, beer bongs, shots, pitchers and drinking games are all banned at Cal Poly fraternity and sorority parties, according to a university policy adopted Wednesday that took effect immediately. Last month, Cal Poly administrators place all fraternities and... (Continue reading)

SLO Social Seen, downtown 1-23-14

Join CalCoastNews as we check out San Luis Obispo County’s best happy hour spots, the bar scene and best places to go for a crazy fun time. And what would crazy fun mean without taking a look at the SLO... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly puts all fraternities and sororities on probation

Cal Poly administrators placed all fraternities and sororities at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo on social probation Friday after the students and the administrators failed to come to agreement about off-campus party requirements. Under the proposed agreement,... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly considering campus pub

Cal Poly officials are asking students if they are in favor of changing the school’s dry designation as they consider adding an on-campus pub. [MustangNews] According to a Mustang News poll of 100 students, 76 percent were in favor of... (Continue reading)

SLO vandal leaves multi-block blood trail

A 21-year-old San Luis Obispo man was arrested for vandalism Sunday morning after he bled profusely on private and public property. After a heavy night of drinking, Matthew Faura punched out a window on Broad Street causing a deep laceration... (Continue reading)

Injured man files lawsuit against SLO firefighter

The man beaten unconscious by a San Luis Obispo firefighter filed a civil lawsuit on May 31. [Tribune] In June 2011, John Ryan Mason, 34, allegedly beat Jory Brigham, 32, unconscious in a bathroom after an eight-month rift stemming from... (Continue reading)

Lower DUI level idea not popular

Reaction has been swift and largely negative to a federal proposition to lower blood alcohol standards for drunken driving enforcement. (San Jose Mercury News) Members of the National Transportation Safety Board voted unanimously this week to propose a limit of... (Continue reading)

Feds promoting lower alcohol limits

Federal transportation officials Tuesday recommended a much lower alcohol level to determine a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle — from the current .08 to .05 blood alcohol — as a means to crack down on drunk driving. (Louisville... (Continue reading)

Former coach appeared intoxicated before beer bottle assault

The former Cal Poly football coach who allegedly assaulted a man with a beer bottle appeared intoxicated the night of the fight outside a Pismo Beach bar. [Tribune] Prior to allegedly striking James Kelsey in the face with a beer... (Continue reading)

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