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California Lands Commission set to rule on Diablo Canyon leases

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

The California Lands Commission is expected to rule Tuesday on whether or not to extend tidelands leases for PG&E’s cooling system at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. If the Lands Commission were to deny PG&E’s request to extend the leases,... (Continue reading)

Environmental group sues Cambria CSD over water project

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A San Luis Obispo County environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the Cambria Community Services District, alleging that the district has breached state law in rushing through its approximately $9 million emergency water supply project. The... (Continue reading)

California Supreme Court rules voter initiatives exempt from CEQA

By STEW JENKINS and KAREN VELIE The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that land use planning by voter qualified initiative is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); even if a city council adopts the voter initiative to avoid... (Continue reading)

California court upholds San Francisco bag ban

A California appellate court upheld San Francisco’s single-use plastic bag ban in a precedent setting ruling Friday. [SF Gate] After the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the bag ban in February 2012, Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, a pro-plastic... (Continue reading)

Environmental reform stalled

Sacramento politicians have dabbled with reform of California’s far-reaching environmental law during the past few sessions, but now advocates of change fear their chances of success have significantly diminished. (San Jose Mercury News) The 43-year-old law — the California Environmental... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit challenges Paso Robles groundwater ordinance

ANNOUNCEMENT By STEVE HOCH On behalf of a group of concerned landowners in Paso Robles, the Los Angeles based firm of Morris Polich & Purdy LLP (MPP) filed a lawsuit in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court on October 30.... (Continue reading)

Ruling leaves Wal-Mart more vulnerable to CEQA suits

Wal-Mart may now face lawsuits for using the initiative process to sidestep the California Environmental Quality Act due to a state appellate court ruling. [California Watch] The retail giant, which currently faces a CEQA suit for its newly approved Atascadero... (Continue reading)

County prevails again in COLAB smart growth suit

A state appellate court upheld an earlier ruling Tuesday that San Luis Obispo County did not need to prepare an environmental impact report when adopting its smart-growth policies. [SLO Tribune] The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled against the Coalition... (Continue reading)

CEQA faces changes

A proposal to loosen the California Environmental Quality Act is expected to be introduced in Sacramento as soon as Thursday, giving the public and lawmakers only about a week to debate and consider the controversial legislation’s fate. [SFGate] Backers of... (Continue reading)

Developers using environmental laws to fight the competition

To stop a competitor from building a project near a southern California university, a student housing firm used the state’s environmental quality laws as an effective cheap weapon of destruction. [LATimes] Conquest Student Housing has 17 buildings rented to USC... (Continue reading)

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