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California deems gray wolves endangered species

Hunting gray wolves is now prohibited in California. [Press Herald] The California Fish and Game Commission voted 3-1 last week to deem gray wolves an endangered species. Gray wolves had nearly disappeared from California but... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man accused of impersonating an officer

A former Arroyo Grande police officer and a U.S. Forest Service ranger were indicted for allegedly utilizing federal owned equipment to impersonate an officer. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles has charged the men... (Continue reading)

California bans hunting with lead bullets

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Friday that will ban the use of lead bullets by hunters. [LA Times] The lead bullet ban, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, will take effect in... (Continue reading)

SLO residents upset over gun violence against coyote

The death of a coyote near Perfumo Canyon Road in San Luis Obispo has spurred an investigation by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. [KCOY] An unseen person shot the coyote Tuesday morning that... (Continue reading)

New laws overlooked in 2012

Californians began 2012 with the news that they could no longer purchase the delicacy of shark fin soup, and six months later they had to give up foie gras. Governor Jerry Brown signed nearly 900... (Continue reading)