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Birds provoke cat fight

The staff at CalCoastNews decided to share this non-local video with our readers because we found it so bizarre. In the video, a pair of birds incite two cats into a fight.... (Continue reading)

15 Gray Whales found dead

During the past two months, 15 dead gray whales of the Chukotka-California population have been found washed ashore in Russia. [MoscowTimes] Gray whales typically migrate from the Chukchi Sea, which is bordered by Alaska and Russia, to Baja California for... (Continue reading)

Central Coast starfish dying from brutal disease

Marine scientists have discovered a large number of starfish dead or dying along the California Coast from a disease that causes their arms to turn to mush and fall off, according to the University of Santa Cruz. From Alaska to... (Continue reading)

Another sea serpent look-alike found on California beach

A giant fish once thought to be a sea serpent appeared on a Southern California beach Friday. [10 News] The 14-foot oarfish beached in Oceanside around 5 p.m. Friday, marking the second time in a week that an oarfish had... (Continue reading)

Giant fish discovered off California coast

A California marine instructor found the carcass of a massive, eel-like creature while snorkeling in the water off of Catalina Island on Sunday. [CNN] Jasmine Santana hauled the 18-foot oarfish by its tail about 75 feet. More than 15 people... (Continue reading)

Child’s leg found at Spooner’s Cove?

UPDATE: San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies determined the remains were sea lion and not human. The department originally responded by searching the area for more body parts. At the time, one deputy surmised it could be medical waste, sources said.... (Continue reading)

Fly with an eagle

A brave YouTube user attached a camera on an eagle to provide a bird’s-eye view of Chamonix, France.... (Continue reading)

Black bear spotted in Avila Beach

A black bear was spotted in the community of Avila Beach Saturday morning. [KCOY] The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the bear sighting was the second of the year in the Avila Beach area. “This is probably the... (Continue reading)

SLO County orders Mid State Fair to turn in its turtles

The California Mid State Fair has been caught in the act — it possessed small turtles with the intent to distribute. The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department received notification this week that the carnival area of the Mid... (Continue reading)

Whales nearly eat divers near Morro Bay

Two humpback whales nearly swallowed two scuba divers Saturday near Morro Bay. [KCOY] The divers had just completed a dive and surfaced when two humpbacks leapt out of the water with mouths wide open, narrowly missing the humans. A cameraman... (Continue reading)

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