Santa Maria teen’s murder caught on videotape

October 12, 2010

Dystiny Myers

A Pismo Beach gas station surveillance tape captured what appears to be the horrific beating of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers while two Pismo Beach police officers stand nearby, talking and drinking coffee. []

On Sept. 26 at 3 a.m. at the Five Cities Chevron just off Highway 101, a surveillance tape shows a man restraining and beating a struggling woman.  Though officers thought the two men, who were wearing gloves and trying on sunglasses, “were acting kind of hinkey” they failed to notice the physical assault occurring in the bed of the truck driven by the suspects.

Pismo Beach Police Chief Jeff Norton declined to identify the officers involved but confirmed the incident to Norton said he had not yet had a chance to view the camera’s tapes, but said he was told by department personnel that the tapes showed a man in the back of the truck, apparently holding down a struggling woman.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department officials have confiscated the surveillance tapes, said Norton to “It’s an ongoing sheriff’s investigation,” he said, declining further comment.

The teen’s body was found off Park Hill Road in Santa Margarita, a few miles east of Highway 58, by firefighters responding to a grass fire a few hours after the videotaped assault.

Five suspects are held in county jail with no bail, charged with the 15-year-old Santa Maria girl’s death. The suspects have all pleaded not guilty and include Cody Lane Miller, 22, of Fresno; Ty Michael Hill, 28, of Santa Maria; Jason Adam Greenwell, 20, Frank Jacob York, 19, and and Rhonda Maye Wisto, all of Nipomo; and Cody Lane Miller, 22, of Fresno.

According to sources, the suspects turned on the girl allegedly because she disrespected Wisto, the mother of York and the girlfriend of Hill. The suspects then drove the teen to a rural site in Santa Margarita where they dug a shallow grave.

They then allegedly strangled the teen, placed her in the grave they had lined with lye, covered her with branches, coated her body in accelerant and lit her on fire.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in San Luis Obispo Superior Court for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 15.

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Dan Blackburn!…. Mr. Ramos,. each have email addresses where you can ask the questions the moderator has removed from this comment. (guidelines/noise) OTO

I cannot believe how many ridiculous posts with personal insults have been left to remain on this page instead of commenting on the story at hand.

The thought of Dystiny’s defenseless beating by her attacker with his alleged accomplices goofing around nearby is unconscionable.

For whatever reason, it’s a shame that this girl’s pleas for help went unanswered. I believe what any of us CAN agree on is that our deep sympathies go out to her family and loved one for their loss.

May every bit of truth be uncovered about this crime and justice be applied to the fullest extent of the law.

I don’t think the so called alledged “inaccuracies” will have a negative reflection on Mr. Blackburn.

New developments could have occurred creating an altered perception, and if this is not the case, someone or somebody is likely doing a major CYA overhaul (You know it, I know it without really needing to know everything or a whole lot more)!

Only the person fails and not the one who do their job well.

I see Mr. Blackburn beyond reproach.

I see other players in some embarassing disposition ahead.

As time pass, things will unfold, you will no failing on Mr Blackburn’s part (apparent).

You will realize panic, lies, distortion and cover up external outside of Mr. Blackburn explaining what is happening now and later to come!.


I was just going to ask you to STFU because I am so aggravated but that wouldn’t be very nice. I know that you mean well. ;( ; / ;| ;\

Now I’m laughing ;)

Have a good night


I have never ever directed or insinuated any negatives at you.

I think you got some of my troll-like response to WG (who has a deep fond attachment towards me) mixed up thinking it was inferred to you (it was not). WG made it clear he was not going to let me ignore him/sher so I accomodated.

Anotherthing I have never ever thumb down you either.

Nuff said, the Moderator is doing a good job, overall.

Sorry Willie, I didn’t mean for you to take it that way. I was aggravated over the Tribune throwing Blackburn under the bus and then I saw you’re three consecutive comments and at that moment I was just irritated with the whole incident and there you were talking about it and talking about it some more. I agree that this is the place to talk about it and if I was irritated by it, then I shouldn’t have been here reading the blog. Anyway, I read you’re three comments and just felt like yelling to whomever to STFU about it. .

So then I posted what I was thinking! It was just one of those day’s.

Thanks for your posts, they are right on and see yah around.

There you go again, Willie with another intellectually dishonest and absurd effort to make “WiseGuy” your scapegoat. I have absolutely NOTHING to do with your latest spat with Cindy. Is there any discomfort you experience on this forum you don’t blame on “WiseGuy”?

You campaign to have everyone “ignore WiseGuy” but you can’t stand to do it yourself. Here’s another chance for you to practice what you preach. Please, do us all a favor and pretend I don’t exist. Thank you.

GET THIS, You just have to love that “gag order”. The Tribune is now requiring that all my post are screened by a moderator! As if I have anything to do with the Dystiny Myers case or could be a possibly be a witness? LMAO

God forbid that anybody tries to pas on any information, not that this is what I was trying to do! I was posting about the 80K in Copeland fines and how a RICO suit was coming down the road where the big $$$ were going to come out of their wallets!

Typical Tribune, that doesn’t surprise me Cindy. If your opinion doesn’t jive with theirs then they’ll give you the boot.

Yes, well apparently the moderation was only supposed to be applied for that one topic. They stopped the moderation when the story went the dead.

Dan Blackburn will be on KVEC 9:20 AM at 4:PM today to answer these questions.

Dan said he is standing behind his story and is not going to retract anything.

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