Santa Maria teen’s murder caught on videotape

October 12, 2010

Dystiny Myers

A Pismo Beach gas station surveillance tape captured what appears to be the horrific beating of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers while two Pismo Beach police officers stand nearby, talking and drinking coffee. []

On Sept. 26 at 3 a.m. at the Five Cities Chevron just off Highway 101, a surveillance tape shows a man restraining and beating a struggling woman.  Though officers thought the two men, who were wearing gloves and trying on sunglasses, “were acting kind of hinkey” they failed to notice the physical assault occurring in the bed of the truck driven by the suspects.

Pismo Beach Police Chief Jeff Norton declined to identify the officers involved but confirmed the incident to Norton said he had not yet had a chance to view the camera’s tapes, but said he was told by department personnel that the tapes showed a man in the back of the truck, apparently holding down a struggling woman.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department officials have confiscated the surveillance tapes, said Norton to “It’s an ongoing sheriff’s investigation,” he said, declining further comment.

The teen’s body was found off Park Hill Road in Santa Margarita, a few miles east of Highway 58, by firefighters responding to a grass fire a few hours after the videotaped assault.

Five suspects are held in county jail with no bail, charged with the 15-year-old Santa Maria girl’s death. The suspects have all pleaded not guilty and include Cody Lane Miller, 22, of Fresno; Ty Michael Hill, 28, of Santa Maria; Jason Adam Greenwell, 20, Frank Jacob York, 19, and and Rhonda Maye Wisto, all of Nipomo; and Cody Lane Miller, 22, of Fresno.

According to sources, the suspects turned on the girl allegedly because she disrespected Wisto, the mother of York and the girlfriend of Hill. The suspects then drove the teen to a rural site in Santa Margarita where they dug a shallow grave.

They then allegedly strangled the teen, placed her in the grave they had lined with lye, covered her with branches, coated her body in accelerant and lit her on fire.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in San Luis Obispo Superior Court for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 15.


“San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department officials have confiscated the surveillance tapes”

This data is in good hands now!


I remember someone logging on here called Ilovemyfamily or something like that who had said that Wisto was a nut job and that they had no doubt that she was behind this. They knew her son and his girlfriend, his three children and mentioned that Hill was her bed mate which seemed odd considering the age difference. As it turns out that person was batting 100% on that post. Wish they would come back and tell us more about these people. Nothing makes any sense. Did Wisto have that kind of control over her son, York?


Heinous. Absolutely heinous.

In the back of my mind, I have been sort of hoping that Dystiny was a drug O.D., poorly covered up by bumbling tweakers.

This is so much worse. So much worse.


It is so much worse. I can’t imagine that a woman would allow her son and boyfriend to do something like this to a 15 year old girl over some idea about the kind of respect she thinks she deserves. Wisto was almost old enough to have been Dystiny’s grandmother.

I don’t want any of them to get the death penalty. I want them to live a long miserable “disrespectful” incarcerated life, every day. Especially Wisto. I don’t even care if she was there, she could have stopped it. It makes me sick to think that someone of her character actually bore a child.


More hate-laden comments from Cindy, as usual. She seems to enjoy the idea of making people “miserable”, under some crazy rationalization that that will make our society a more peaceful, less-violet place.

I wish more people realized that their own violence-laden, hateful thoughts actually, literally contribute to the attitudes and actions that lead to Dystiny’s murder.

It is also possible to punish people and protect society without have to “hate” perpetrators and want to do mean, violent, or deadly things to them.

The hate and violence I see continually promoted on this forum by “holier than thou” folks is the exact same type of hate and violence that lead to Dystiny’s murder.


Right WiseGuy, lets send them to your house rather than prison.


PaulJones, I NEVER said anything about not sending the culprits to prison. What I object to is the presumptuous, violence-promoting, hate-filled, decadent lynch-mob attitudes that are so blithely espoused by so many on this forum.

Any outsider who would read those comments would quite easily come to the conclusion that SLO County is a very violent, reactionary community where heinous murders and other acts of violence were likely common.

In otherwords, the violent statements and attitudes that are often found on this forum pretty much mirror the attitudes of the people who murdered Dystiny. The targets are different, but the attitudes are the same: Self-righteous, angry, violent and sadistic, with plenty of holier-than-thou rationalizations for the hate they spread so eagerly.


Pre-tell what you would have us do with people like this, Mr WideGuy? I have to disagree with your idea that people who demand justice are mean and perpetuate violence. We aren’t violent enough with violent criminals in my opinion. If you look at counties like China where they take people out into the street and cane the living daylights out of them, you find that the country has very little crime and near 0 recidivism rates.

“CANING” – IT’S A GOOD THING for violent criminals. They rethink their behavior and it causes them to change it, sort of like shock therapy.


Well, that takes the cake, Cindy. Now you are suggesting the U.S. follow China’s lead and compete with them for the government with the greatest human rights abuses and state sanctioned murdering of “dissidents,.”

You say there is LITTLE crime in China! Fact is there is massive amounts of crime in China. But you seem to want to excuse it because it is being perpetrated in the name of the Government.

I’ve never said anything against punishing murderers or putting them in prison. What I find sad and disturbing to the community is how so many people having so much violence and hatred in their heart in the process of delivering punishment. One needn’n’t, and in fact it would be better, if those that punish do not hate those they puniish and do not relish and find joy in inflicting pain or punishment.

It is the sheer, public displays of exhuberant joy in hurting or killing of criminals, or wishing that they be raped, tortured, etc., that I view as misguided and perverted and leading to increased human atrocities.

You seem to want to tout CHINA as having a better justice system than the U.S., and totally disregard all the human rights atrocities that nation is famous for. You don’t seem to have a clue as to the incredibly high and horrible price in freedom and civil rights all the good citizens of China have paid and will continue to pay as a result of Chinas official approach to “justice.”


Excellent responses WiseGuy, but I fear you are wasting your time attempting to explain reason with those who have none. Who can shout the loudest and describe the most horrific torture rules the day on this rumor mongering site.

Terrible crime.


Thanks Thomas. I agree. Terrible crime. Not particularly surprising given the environment and prevailing attitudes, but terrible nevertheless.


The SLO Co Sheriff’s Department is investigating this? Please forgive me for raising an eyebrow, but shouldn’t the case be looked at by an agency with more credibility than the Keystone Kops?



If you don’t have faith in our local Law Enforcement then try and change it…..Go to the Academy, Run for Sheriff, but the Deputies and DA’s have been working their asses off on this case. If you don’t believe me, you have the opportunity to sit in the audience and listen during the Trial. Your KEYSTONE KOP comment is directed at all SLOSO deputies. Remember, in every profession there will be a few bad apples.


a FEW bad apples? (cough)

The Pacific Ocean consists of a few drops of rain by your scale…


Danika, you’re an IDIOT!! You tell me, out of the 170ish Sworn Deputies and 100ish Correctional OFFICERS, how many of them are bad apples. If you say all of law enforcement are BAD APPLES I pray you never need the Police or are never Arrested. You will want those individuals responding or helping you make a phone call (cause YOUR DRUNK ASS got hooked for DUI) to be your best friend in the world, you would want them to bend over backwards for you, because YOU PAY THEIR SALARY…..


As more of this story comes out, it is gut wrenching and heartbreaking to hear of how she meet her demise. How these individuals could treat another human being this way, boggles the imagination.

Death penality is the only option here in my opinion. This group is BEYOND rehabilitation.


How about a game of musical chairs, but with plenty of chairs. Electric dhairs…


It’s typical lynch mob mentality to immediately demand that people be killed. Ironically, its pretty much the same attitude that lead to this young lady being murdered. It’s simply emotion and anger gone wild, in an environment where many people feel justified in being their own judge and jurors and deciding who lives and dies.

The difference in attitude between those who killed Dystiny and those who want to kill the perpetrators is slim. It’s those type of attitudes that perpetuate violence.


So Beenthere, are you an expert in “rehabilitation”? What do you base your conclusions upon? Do you know any of these suspects personally? Or is your comment simply a wild, violence-infused emotional reaction based on nothing more than what you’ve been fed by the media?

Do you think that demanding that all the suspects be executed before a trial has been completed or before al the facts have been presented is a way to make our society more peaceful and gentle with citizens who show reverence for life and respect for others?

Why do you feel inspired to immediately call for more killing?


Boy haven’t heard from WiseGuy here in a long time. For anybody new I have suspected in past that Wise is a possible troll but what the heck I’ll play his game. What do I base my conclusions on.

Well first I guess we are probably not as wise as you convience yourself that you are but I base my comment on the fact of being on a trip inside both CMC and CYA in Paso. I don’t listen to the media my friend, I base my opinions on talking to people. To that order I asked the assistant supervisor at CYA what the recidivism rate is at that facility. It was over 80%. About the same as CMC. So does that sound like rehabilitation is working??? Doesn’t sound like it to me. Pretty simple for most people to understand here except the stone throwers.

Also please go back and show where I said the suspects should be put to death before trial. My comment I think most people with a BRAIN would understand, was based on if found guilty of the charges.

So there is my answer. Good luck in your trolling.


Get real, “Beenthere”. Read what you wrote:

“Death penality is the only option here”

Not true. Obviously.

And then you spew, claiming that you are already an expert about these particular suspects and know enough about them to announce to the world that not one of them could possibly be “rehabilitated”.

Then most recently your pile it thicker by insinuating that each one of these suspects will commit more crimes if they are not executed.

Dude, I don’t care how much time you’ve spent in CMC or CYA, in my opinion, you’re just spewing out your butt with a bunch of inflammatory, overly emotional, reactionary, impatient, know it all rantings.


By the way, “BeenThere”, trying to marginalize me by labeling me a “troll” only demonstrates how pathetic and fragile your arguments are and your reluctance to engage in meaningful, rational discussion.

Face it, you are obviously savoring the idea of and promoting killing any of these suspects involved with the murder of Dystiny.

Tell the truth “Beenthere”: The idea of killing criminals appeals to you. You would like it to happen more often. Am I correct or not? Be honest, now.


A troll is someone who trys to incite angry responces, by putting posters down. Hmm looks like that is all of your posts here today. Now move along little troll and let the big boys post. Time for you to go outside and play.


Beenthere, it is very rude of you to try to act like you are the moderator of this forum and self-righteously try to decide who has the right to post on this forum or not.

Your comments and attitude are rude, insulting, arrogant and presumptuous. Yo have NO RIGHT to try to prevent people who disagree with you from posting.

Of course, I realize that you find it easier and more comforting to follow that path rather than responding honestly to legitimate questions or requests for clarification.

What about my question regarding your interest in killing criminals? It was a nonest question. It obviously made you feel uncomfortable. So, don’t answer me. But don’t try to tell me I have no right to post my opinions.


I’ll tell you what. So we don’t waste the good peoples time who post here and those who own this blog (CCN) why don’t you give me an email, alternate site, or a place to meet and we can continue our discussion without distracting others. I would be more than happy to debate you.


So, Beenthere, I guess you imagine yourself to be so charming that I would actually want to spend face-to-face time with you?

And you have the arrogance, nerve and presumption to try to speak for everyone and anyone who might read this forum and presume that they consider that I’m wasting “the good people’s time”?

No, I prefer to discuss in public and let the public judge the merits of our words. No “backroom” deals for me.

It’s a fact that when I post here Cal Coast News gets a spike in traffic and input, despite any sleazy campaigns to censor me or get me to take my comments elsewhere.

I can understand why you might be fascinated with me, Beenthere, and want to meet me in person, but the feeling is not mutual. Sorry. Nothing personal, but frankly, you haven’t posted one thing I find even vaguely unique or interesting. Same ol’, same ol’ I can practically predict the exact wording of every response you offer.

Forgive me for being honest.


Well I tried. I guess all I can suggest for you at this point is to stay on your thorazine. I’m done trying to talk to you.


I wanna know who the 2 Pismo Beach police officers are. THEY need to held accountable for their lack of action. What happened to “protect and serve”? Perhpas the coffee and convo was just that good…


They were trained by Cortez while he was chief, right everyone? Fair is fair!


Your comment BEGS for a reply. First extreme cheap shot. Now lets get to the foolishness of your statement. First neither Cortez, nor the city train cops. THE POLICE ACADEMY DOES!!! Second. How do you know that these cops weren’t in employ of the city before Cortez got there?? Oh that’s right you don’t.

Did these cops screw up? We’ll find out.

I am not going to bat for Cortez as a supporter (I voted for someone other than the two we wound up getting), I just think your shot was very cheap.

Kevin Rice

It’s not a cheap shot, nor is it a shot at all. It is clear satire in response to the many silly lines being drawn about Parkinson in every news story.


Guess you haven’t really been there and done that dude. Just making a point on this bashing site to all of you ostrich’s. So funny to see how everyone reacts. Cortez was there, lead all these cops into their current behavior, they were under his watch, and this is what happens. Sad Sad Sad….Really though, how were they to know. It isn’t a perfect world, if these guys were detained and it was a big nothing, these cops would have been subject to scrutiny. Can’t have your cake and eat it too you dreamers…..


I stand by what I said, DUDE. If you had said it was under his leadership, then maybe I would have not posted response but you said his training, which implies that he trains his officers.

Maybe if you make you thoughts a little more pronounced, us ostrich’s here can understand what your thought process is or isn’t.


I would say that since Cortez has been out of that position for a while all this goes on Norton’s plate. Norton, who has endorsed Parkinson.


Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Norton hired by Cortez?


not attacking or blaming Cortez…. just curious


Norton pre-existed Cortez. He was a sergeant when Cortez arrived.


I agree with BeenThereDoneThat. Cortez retired from Pismo almost two years ago.


Politicizing it is stupid.

You callous factbenders might check whether it was one of Katcho’s gas stations, then twist that to suit your political agenda.

If it was his station, he is culpable, and unfit for Assembly. If it wasn’t his station, it should have been, and he is culpable and unfit for Assembly.

Give me a break.

Kevin Rice

HOLY SH_T CCN! Anyone reading the Tribune needs to CANCEL their subscription. What a waste of paper. Advertisers: SUPPORT CCN — they do more investigative good in this county than the Tribune can do with a whole building full of useless “journalists”.


I posted a link to this story over at the Tribune last night and they deleted it. They don’t usually do that but I guess this was too big of a “miss” for them to suck it up.


I hope CCN becomes an institution in SLOC. If it does, things will become a lot more transparent…


To anyone that can help Dan Blackburn with a standard video link, please do so. He still has the Apple Quick Time plug in video reader capability “ONLY” and after his last video I should think that he would have corrected that by now. His last video got over 2,000,000 views (including mine) thanks to somebody that set it up on some standard links! His story is good but I want to see the video.

Kevin Rice

You’re right. Dan should implement an Adobe Flash based video player. But just download and install QuickTime and you’ll be able to watch the video just fine on your Windows PC. Avoid the version that includes iTunes and be wary to “uncheck” any garbage browser toolbars that it tries to install on you.


What a sad state of affairs. The press continuously represented this young woman as a 15 year old who had gone astray. So what? She was beaten and MURDERED and that is what the focus should always have been about.

Rest in peace young Dystiny. I am saddened and sorry that they made you suffer and there was no one to help you.

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