Gearhart’s casino – the final gamble

December 10, 2010

Kelly Gearhart

(Editor’s note: This is the third in a four part series about the story of North County developer Kelly Gearhart and his political allies. Part one is Fraud, arson and betrayal. Part two is Gearhart’s control of Atascadero.)


Amidst assurances that then President George W. Bush was poised to sign off on the first step towards the development of an Indian owned casino in Paso Robles, the Salinan Indian Tribal Council entered into an agreement with four venture capitalists who went by the name of PMA.

North County developer Kelly Gearhart was one of the members of PMA, along with attorney Grigger Jones, Chris Molina and Dan Phillips, to sign a contract with the Salinan Tribe of San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties to fast track the tribe’s application for federal recognition with the goal of eventually building a large Indian gambling casino on the northeast side of Paso Robles.

Marion Warner, Gearhart’s common-law stepmother of 35 years, told CalCoastNews that Gearhart had boasted of his master plan for financial freedom. He planned to build his empire on borrowed money stashing funds, properties and jewels until the perfect time to file bankruptcy.

That, however, was before PMA, now Pejihota, entered into an agreement with the Salinan Indians. An agreement that Gearhart and his partners projected would bring them earnings of approximately $600 million in profits over the next 50 years, according to Pejihota records recovered from Grigger Jones’ trash can.

However, Gearhart’s reported illicit development activities drew the attentions of authorities, and he was forced to declare bankruptcy before his dream of a North County casino could be realized.

Local investors were bilked out of millions of dollars by Gearhart and hard money lender James Miller of Hurst Financial. Miller lured investors with promises of high-interest loans and assurances that funds would be placed into secured accounts with payments provided to Gearhart as the work progressed. Instead, Miller paid Gearhart in lump sums and the monies were spent without any oversight.

Because of Gearhart’s bankruptcy and other problems with authorities, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court now owns Gearhart’s 25-percent share in the Pejihota’s portion of future casino profits.

So far, the casino project is stalled, in part, because the Salinan Tribe has yet to receive the required recognition from the federal government before it can build a casino.

Gearhart’s bankruptcy – which authorities have determined was fraudulently sought — hasn’t helped Gearhart make-up for profits lost in other illicit schemes.

In some cases, loans were fraudulently re-conveyed allowing Miller and Gearhart to procure additional loans on properties already over-encumbered.

For example, Miller loaned Gearhart $27 million in two loans to develop his Vista Del Hombre project, located near the airport in Paso Robles in an area slated to be the home of the proposed casino. Although Gearhart claimed the property was worth between $100 million and $150 million, a bank appraisal valued the property at $4.5 million.

Miller and Gearhart overvalued the property speculating the proposed casino would drive up values and the casino profits would eventually cover any shortfalls.

Molina, one of four men who told the tribe they could secure federal recognition, boasted his group had a politician poised to fast-track their plans. Without a member of Congress or a U.S. president pushing for approval, the procedures required to procure federal recognition for an Indian tribe usually takes approximately 20 years.

Although no federal official is publicly linked to the project, Molina, who is also a tribal member, used former President Bush’s name in ballyhooing the project before the former president left office.

In 1993, the Salinan Tribe first petitioned the U.S. Department of the Interior for federal recognition. Without federal recognition, federal laws prohibit tribes from owning and running an Indian gaming casino or receiving federal funds for health centers and education.

Molina approached the tribal council in early 2003 with assurances that PMA could “fast track” its plans for recognition, but they would have to sign a confidentiality agreement that not even the tribe’s attorney would be permitted to read before they could hear the PMA proposal.

Molina said that the tribe’s legal firm at the time, Sacramento-based Monteau & Peebles, was “politically correct under the Clinton administration,” but was incorrect under the Bush administration, according to tribal confidential documents provided to CalCoastNews by Tribal members.

During a heated debate, all but two of the Tribal Council members agreed to sign the confidentiality agreement without having their attorney review the documents. The two dissenters elected instead to resign their leadership positions.

In March 2003, Molina introduced Tom Tellefsen and attorney Jerry Levine to the tribal council as two men who could shorten the timeline for federal recognition from 20 or more years to a few months because of their ties to the Bush administration.

Tellefsen and Meg Whitman were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s national finance co-chairs during his 2008 presidential run. Levine is a business and litigation attorney with the Los Angeles based Holland & Knight law firm.

“Mr. Tom Tellefsen is exactly who he says he is, and is in the position to compress the timeline for completion of the task,” according to tribal confidential documents.

“The law firm that has been chosen for us is not only one of the largest in the world, but it is politically aligned with the current administration.

“Phil Hogan was Jerry Levine’s partner until the appointment to the National Indian Gaming Commission by President Bush; Tom Tellefson is a close friend of George W. Bush.”

Molina assured the tribal council that Levine was there to represent the tribe and not PMA, even though PMA would cover all attorney fees, according to the minutes of a March, 2003 council meeting. It was an assurance the tribal leaders said he failed to follow through on.

Within the next few months, Levine met with the partners of PMA several times behind the backs of the tribal council. Levine would later inform the council that Molina had said that tribal council members were aware of their meetings, according to the Tribes’ Molina File.

Molina continued to deny that either he or his partners had spoken to Levine.

“We haven’t spoken to him (Levine) or had any contact with him either,” Molina said at a June 4, 2003 tribal council meeting.

At the same meeting, tribal council members Gary Macagni and Dan Phillips told Molina that they were canceling their agreement to obtain federal recognition through PMA.

“By not telling us about the meetings and by intentionally not telling us when we questioned you shows dishonesty on your part,” Macagni said to Molina, according to transcripts of the meeting.

In October, 2003, PMA changed its name to Pejihota Consultants LLC and had Joe Diehl of the San Luis Obispo law firm of Diehl and Rodewald file a lawsuit against the Salinan Tribe, claiming fraud, breach of contract, and intentional misrepresentation for canceling their agreement to give Gearhart, Molina, Jones and Phillips a cut of future casino revenue in exchange for helping the tribe receiving federally recognized. The suit asked the tribe to return $20,000 in expenses as well as $2.5 million for lost revenue to Pejihota.

The tribe later agreed to reenter into an agreement with Pejihota Consultants LLC.

Typically, an interested party can pull up a lawsuit filed in this county by typing the names of the parties into the civil court computer.

In an apparent attempt to keep their venture cloaked in secrecy, the lawsuit was somehow filed in a way that it cannot be retrieved by typing in the name of the plaintiff, Pejihota Consultants LLC or the name of the defendant – Salinian Indian Tribe into court computers.

In another apparent attempt to keep their venture under the radar, the group has changed their name and transferred their LLC filing at least six times during the past decade. CalCoastNews discovered these transfers, name changes and secret filings during a multi-state search of LLC filings.

The LLC members expected to reap 40 percent of all gaming proceeds for a period of seven years with an option to extend for an additional seven years. For all other developments, the LLC members were expected to receive 50 percent of proceeds for 25 years with a 25 year extension option, according to the business plan of the Salinan Tribe and PeJiHoTa LLC.

After several years of failing to receive federal recognition through presidential approval, Gearhart began flying his jet to Sacramento in an attempt to get state legislators to help expedite federal recognition.

In 2008, Gearhart’s empire was crumbling. He stopped making loan payments and federal and state investigators had mounted investigation into charges of organized crime against Gearhart and a handful of his associates. In October of that year, he signed his interest in Pejihota over to his partners Jones, Molina and Phillips.

In February, 2009, Gearhart, formerly Atascadero’s Citizen of the Year, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Ohio, claiming $6.5 million in estimated assets and $45.1 million in estimated debts. Gearhart failed to mention his involvement in the Pejihota LLC in his bankruptcy filing as required by law.

In June, 2009, Ohio Federal Bankruptcy Trustee Harold A. Corzin filed a fraud complaint against Jones, Molina, Phillips and the group’s Pejihota LLC for allegedly hiding assets for Gearhart with the “intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors.”

Responding to the trustee’s filing, the defendants denied allegations that they intentionally caused damages to the creditors of the Gearhart bankruptcy. The group stated that its business venture “had no value” at the time Gearhart resigned as a member of Pejihota LLC, according the defendants joint answer to the complaint filed.

In July, 2010, Ohio Bankruptcy Court Judge Marilyn Shea Stonum ordered Jones, Molina and Phillips to pay the bankruptcy trustees $20,000 to cover their costs of investigating Pejihota, to provide the trustees one fourth ownership in Pejihota with the right to buy back the trustee’s interest in the project by reimbursing Gearhart’s investment into Pejihota, $646,190.

The court noted there was the likelihood that Pejihota and the Salinan Indian Tribe would eventually succeed at gaining federal recognition for the tribe.

Pejihota and the Salinan Tribe’s plans call for building a 250,000-square-foot gaming casino, homes for about 400 people, a school, a hospital and a “green” energy plant on 2,500 areas they plan to purchase in either North San Luis Obispo County or South Monterey Counts, according to their business plan.

Gearhart’s attractions to the gambling industry can be traced to his teen years, when his father owned a bingo parlor in Ohio.

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Is PMA member Dan Phillips the Farmers Insurance agent in Atascadero?

i believe so.

He is and Molina works for him.

“An agreement that Gearhart and his partners projected would bring them earnings of approximately $600 million in profits over the next 50 years, … ”

It would seem that a better name for the Pe Ji Ho Ta partnership would have been Pi In Da Sky. Anyone with a PC and an Excel spreadsheet can cook-up $600 million in profits in 10 minutes – it doesn’t take 50 years.

Lewy ,”An agreement that Gearhart and his partners projected would bring them earnings of approximately $600 million in profits over the next 50 years, according to Pejihota records recovered from Grigger Jones’ trash can.”

My question why isn’t Grigger Jones behind bars?

Patience! Be patient………………..if Robert Jones was smart he would admit what he did to our family That he re-wrote my Dad’s 1st Amendment to his trust (the 1st Amendment Jones created after our dad died is 22 pages both teh 1st Amendment signed in Hawaii and the one he said was signed three days later in Atascadero…the one he NOW says he doesn’t recall and told the police he wasn’t in his office that day………………..I have a copy of the REAL 1st Amendment and it is only two pages.

What are you going to do now Grigger jones? Say you don’t know where the 22 pages document came from?

There are more documents recovered from those trash divers than he probably realizes.

Oh what a tangled web we weave. You want to talk to Jones just call him at his house …………..want the phone number?

Drive down to Chumash Casino ANY nite of the week and try to find a parking place. 600 million divided by 50 years is 12 million a year. Personally I think this is a low estimate of what they could have made. The Indian Casino’s are making a killing.

Yes the Indian Casino’s are making a killing and since it’s all about cash, it’s very easy to skim profits. I agree that the estimate is a very low case scenario and maybe that’s why Jones threw it in the trash!

Even if they do manage to acquire the federal recognition they are seeking they will have an uphill battle qualifying for a gaming license with all the fraud that is connected to this mob.

Sal9, royman made an excellent point this morning in his 6am post. Why is it so harrowing for an Indian tribe to gain federal recognition? They either are an ancestral tribe that existed on the lands of this country prior to 1776 or they are not and in this case we all know that the Salinan Tribe has existed on the Central Coast for a few hundred years or so I thought. There is evidence of them everywhere so why the problem with the recognition? What is the criteria that recognizes some tribes and not others?

“President George W. Bush was poised to sign off on the first step towards the development of an Indian owned casino in Paso Robles, the Salinan Indian Tribal Council entered into an agreement with four venture capitalists who went by the name of PMA.”

Alright here is the bottom line, this is why there have been no arrests, even the president of America is in on this fraud, and now tell me how he never knew anything right! An I’ll tell you he never knew anything period, McCarthey now the president, this is why the F.B.I. is a little slow with the arrests, can we get Obama to put the gloves on and kick some ass here? Maybe make a few phone calls?

People lie all the time about having the support of a President or close friend in government. It would appear that is what the four horsemen of the Pe Ji Ho Ta apococolyse were trying to do. I know Grigger Jones lied on the stand “under oath” in Hawaii so why wouldn’t THEY lie about having the support of a President?

I know George can’t tie his own shoe laces, but never the less,.”Tom Tellefson is a close friend of George W. Bush.” I was kinda joking on the president being in on it, Still think Kevin McCarthey has not been made aware, that his campaign was funded with ill gotten gains?

Gearhart’s Bankruptcy what a joke, they let his wife go, and she hid money, forged documents and lied to the trustee Harold Corzin repeatedly. My point her bankruptcy should have been denied,there are no Democrats among the thieves who stole my money, sorry. ALL the thieves seem to be, on the Republican side of politics. You can check, (please do), but as far a I know they are all Republicans.

Of course they are all Republicans, all business men, cut from the same cloth as those that control the price of oil, and hustle us out of our mutual fund investments. Just remember when they run for office that they have made out a paycheck, that qualifies them as smart businessmen to be trusted with our money!

Seems even our new president that I voted for, according to Jesse Ventera, as been an operative for the CIA for the last twenty years, and was put in power by those with money, just look at the f**king bill he just signed off on. I am beginning to hate anyone in a suit, the federal government makes the SAN LUIS SHERRIFF’S DEPT. LOOK LIKE ANGELS WITH WINGS. AND A LOT OF THEM ARE GOOD COPS TOO! Everyone out there seems to hate our cops, what the hell would you do without them. On the part of the federal government Katrina was planned the spill was planned and they are dumping shit loads of arsenic and other poisons in the ocean and creating a new “mini” ice age,don’t believe me, turn on the news and check out the temp in Florida.

Well, if Jesse Ventura said it, it must be true. And Katrina was planned? I’m not a huge fan of the feds either, but maybe your tinfoil hat is a little tight.

Watch the 29 minute video, Jesse Ventura, Gulf coast,exposure I’m not sure if that is the name of the video ” u-tube ” I’d post a link but it doesn’t regard to the article, and I’m already in a little trouble, on this site!??????????????

Anyone can post a video on U-tube, doesn’t make it real.

McCarthy was flying around in Hertel and Fowler’s Jet and took HUGE donations from Both of them as well as many other Indian gaming tribes…Just look at the San Luis County donar list to McCarthy in 06-Where did Hertel and Fowler own that Thoroughbred Ranch? Oh yah-on Santa Margarita Ranch….

chese, I seriously doubt that “W” knew anything about this, ever heard of it or could give a flying ****.

No doubt Tellesfen had the connections through Hogan to fast track the necessary Federal recognition requirements but it doesn’t take the President of the United States of America to certify a tribe of Indians. They surely did a lot of name dropping and I have no doubt that the connections were there. When your talking about 60 – 100 Million, I’m not surprised that the dogs were running nose to tail as the below excerpt say’s a lot. But regardless, these “connected individuals” didn’t/couldn’t stop the Ohio Bankruptcy Trustee from investigating the Pi Ji Ho Ta LLC, or charging them for the cost because of the partners failure to disclose and they couldn’t stop the Ohio Trustee from placing a lien on a share of future casino proceeds all in an effect to recover some relief for the complainants (bilked investors). If they couldn’t stop a bankrupcy court and trustee, I doubt that they can interfere with the FBI investigation into North County.

As I stated, the below is impressive though: woof – woof – bow – wow- sniff – sniff

“Tellefsen and Meg Whitman were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s national finance co-chairs during his 2008 presidential run. Levine is a business and litigation attorney with the Los Angeles based Holland & Knight law firm.

“Mr. Tom Tellefsen is exactly who he says he is, and is in the position to compress the timeline for completion of the task,” according to tribal confidential documents.

“The law firm that has been chosen for us is not only one of the largest in the world, but it is politically aligned with the current administration.

“Phil Hogan was Jerry Levine’s partner until the appointment to the National Indian Gaming Commission by President Bush; Tom Tellefson is a close friend of George W. Bush.”

Not to defend Mr. Bush, but it is likely that Mr. Bush was not aware of what his relations were selling in California.

The real story here is the lawyers involved in this case, Jerry Levine, John Peebles, Michael J. Anderson, Loretta Tuell, just to name a few, and the BIA employees who apparently continue to take bribes on behalf of these lawyers and their clients.

The BIA Regional Directors, Amy Dutschke & Dale Risling, along with Central California Agency Superintendent, Troy Burdick with the oversight and under the direction of Michael R. Smith, Director of Tribal Services, BIA Washington, D.C. and BIA D.C Solicitor, Scott Keep have apparently received hundreds of thousands of dollars from these lawyers and their associates.

The lawyers and their clients have been taking over existing tribal governments, getting wrongfully recognized former self-terminated tribal groups or simply creating a tribe for the SINGLE purpose of GAMING. Individuals of like minds such as Mr. Gearhardt seize the opportunities and ride with them as long as possible.

The lawyers creating the LLC as out of state corporations have, for the most part, kept themselves and their illegal activities under the radar.

As long as the BIA appointees [who have been with the BIA for decades rising through the ranks according to their willingness to work with the corrupt lawyers] remain in place. The lawyers and their clients are safe as their actions have the “stamp of approval” from corrupt BIA leadership.

So, we implore the writer of this story to expose the lawyers and the named BIA officials. Real tribes and the community’s surrounding them are suffering at the hands of current corrupt BIA officials, former BIA officials, such as Michael J. Anderson, now serving as one the lawyers for these questionable individuals posing as tribal members or leaders and the lawyers who own them.

7-words, how is this guy not in prison?

There is this fine line between criminal and tort (civil wrong doing).

Fine line, bullsh*t, Gearhart built a 12 lane freeway right down the middle of that fine line, because he killed a guy in his car and got away with it, making him think he could get away with anything and everything! For the rest of his pitiful life which should be spent in a Russian prison in Siberia, breaking large rocks into sand.

Whoops! That last paragraph should have been deleted.

I believe that the city of Atascadero is more at fault in this fraud than even Kelly Geathart. They were the watch dogs that were elected and/or getting paid to keep an eye on what Gearhart, Miller, et al were up to. I believe that various city council members and city employees have been on Gearharts payroll for years. These “civil servants” at the very least have aided and abetted these crimes and at worst were full partners in these illegal activities. I also believe that any civil action taken on behalf of the investors of this scam should include the city of Atascadero as a primary defendant.

Also fed up,”Paso Robles in an area slated to be the home of the proposed casino. Although Gearhart claimed the property was worth between $100 million and $150 million, a bank appraisal valued the property at $4.5 million.” with Gearhart’s lies.

Who is Derrick Weston, he claimed to be an attorney not representing Gearhart but after three years of not answering my complaint now he want’s more time, on an entered default judgment against Gearhart for a measly $73,000, think he deserves more time after, THREE LONG YEARS and all this.

The time is coming to start a class action against the city for aiding and abetting Kelly’s fraudulent activities. Ripped of contractors unite!

Class action for aiding and abetting against the city of Atascadero, I’m in. Post the number for the law firm.

Let’s see how this plays out a little more before we dump $ into another attorney. However, if the feds or whomever start to arrest people, it may be time to strike.

So Kelly Gearhart had it all figured out. He was the smartest man in Atascadero and he was going to go out with a big bag of goodies stashed away while simultaneously declaring bankruptcy. However he didn’t factor in his hubris, compulsive gambling and spending. Every week he had a new toy. He was lying so much he couldn’t keep track of his lies. And he couldn’t keep track of his projects. (The senior condo’s sat unoccupied for almost 2 years because they were overpriced. A lot of money was lost there. Then he started renting then ignoring the age restrictions.)

He was used to getting his way in Atascadero by making either promises (the age restirctions/low cost housing) or threats as he did when he said he would build a planned develoment on Molina’s piece of worthless property on Pine Mt. The council gave him 28 new entitlements. Then Gearhart turns around and bites them by purchasing some of the low cost units himself.

Obviously Gearhart thought he was invinsible as decided to take on the Feds with the Indian Casino even as his Ponzi scheme was crashing.

He supposedly went to Ohio because of a physical threat. Best move he made. That is where he met a formidable foe – banruptcy court trustee Corzin. Corzin has apparently dealt with lowlife before. I very seriously doubt that the bankruptcy court in California would have pursued his case with the diligence and smarts that Corzin has. It gave me much pleasure to hear that the 3 remaining amigos in the casino deal were billed for investigative costs.I Just hope the FBI socks it to Gearhart like Corzin is.

The city council bought his threats of building a planned development on top of Molina’s worthless piece of in accessable property that had been on the market for 10 years and gave him the right to build 8 new houses on Colima and Ferrocaril and rezoned commercial property off Portola to residential where he built 20 more houses and then further stuck it to the city by bypassing the low cost housing requirements. O’Malley and Luna negotiated the deal, gave it to staff to present making it clear it was to be rubber stamped by the planning commission and council.

Just as an example of insight into Robert Grigger Jones……during the Evidentiary hearing on our father’s probate (which we allege he destroyed from the beginning) Grigger Jones was on the stand last July 2010 in the First circuit court in Hawaii reviewing an affidavit clearly with his signature and notarized by his assistant Colleen Alexander. In that Affidavit Jones alleges he witnessed our father sign a 1st Amendment to his 1996 Trust in California 3 days after signing the same document in Hawaii.

Trouble is the signatures by Elizabeth Meek’s own admission are bogus. Forensics show they are bogus even Jones himself admitted on the stand they were not our father’s. So why did he sign an affidavit for the BAnk of Hawaii stating the document was signed in his offices in california on September 19, 1997?

Last year Jones told detectibve Fred Pflum with the Atascadero Police Department (investigating our criminal complaint against Jones for the forgery) that he was not in his ofice the day the docs were signed and he doesn’t know how the documents came to be in his office.

While on the stand in Hawaii Jones looked at the forged document, what he alleges to be the valid document, the affidavit and acted as if this was the first time he had looked at the docs. He stated under oath he could not recall the documents. And as for his affidavit signed by him in 2006, he said it was his signature but he did not recall the document.

Perhaps Grigger Jones, another Atascadero “Man of the Year” should get a script for Gingko Biloba!

The same hearing while I was questioning him, Jones indicated he was involved with sevearl real estate transactions with Kelly Gearhart, and they were partners in what is now a “dissolved” corporation named Pe Ji Ho Ta.


Grigger Jones deserves to be shot for what he did to you. I darn well know if he did that to my family, I would have tracked him down and tortured him to death. A total loser, lying, scumbag attorney. Molina and Phillips knew all about Kelly and his work. Remember the little secret meetings at the barber shop boys? I do, you lying cheating losers.

I salute you, you have now achieved greatness! Grigger Jones is scum and he was the mastermind behind the whole conspiracy, and guess what I kind of made him look just plain stupid in court bringing to light all the properties (Miller),,, Hurst Financial had transferred into his name. He is hiding a few still according to my sources, can anyone find them, lot of very sharp tools on this blog and a few criminals. Without naming him as a defendant, I informed the court that he himself was part of the conspiracy, I personally hope he goes to hell with all of the others dropped on top of his burning ass! And of course face down.

Perhaps Mr Grigger Jones and his wife Alice Lancey jones should check into their residence and consider “homestead” Jones insisted on the stand that he and his wife were good friends with my father and Elizabeth Meek and yet Elizabeth Meek during her deposiiton could not recall Alice’s name?

Also beware of those dumpster Divers I heard a rumour the diving was going on for some time and the incriminating evidence is now in the hands of those who can use the evidence to prosecute….just a rumour There is something about people with a “checkered” past

It would be nice if someone would come forward and admit that Jones himself signed the names on the 1st Amendment to our father’s trust (the one signed in California), and cut and pasted the one signed in Hawaii. Perhaps if he admitted what he did and how he helped our stepmother Elizabeth Meek cash out our dad’s stocks (curiosuly in the amount of $646,000.00 (the amount of the casino buy in) perhaps Attorney Robert “Grigger” Jones would have some good karma come his way and live happily ever after? Colleen Alexander was his secretary and perhaps she will come forward, or Cindy hemmings who was his para legal in 1997 and would remember the REAL 1st Amendment (the one that is only a few pages) or Linda Cooper who also worked for him and whose name is on a letter Jones submitted to the court recently in an effort to make the court beleive he didn’t have a copy of the 1st Amendment in his offices.

Oh what a tangled web we weave In the spirit of christmas let there be a miracle and soften the hearts of those who like Marion Warner who will come forward with the TRUTH.

Thank you Karen and Thank you Marion Warner!

Looks like CCN is making a difference. Bruce White resigned today! Mecham will be making a comment about it on Monday and White isn’t returning calls according to the Tribune.

One crook down and too many left to go, the public owes CCN big time for watching our backs.

Thanks CCN, Karen and George and Dave and the folks that help out the site.

Resigned and started packing his belongings, house for sale sign goes up tomorrow and Gearhart has an extra room in the Conval Building in Ohio, they need to practice being Cell mates, and I don’t mean the phone.

A cornered predator only has two things in mind:

1. Escape

2. Stash resourses $

I hope that some of you victims with attorneys have the sense to impose a writ of attachement. There is sufficient good cause to justify it, and search the money trail for more to attach.

If Gearhart escape prosecution for fraud and he could with legal help (IRS should also be notified), he deserves to be broke and homeless 1200 folds!

Lock up whats left and search the money trail for more asap.