Inside job suspected in Los Osos pot robbery

March 29, 2013
Avery Loran Fitch

Avery Loran Fitch

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Los Osos resident and mobile medical marijuana dispensary driver for staging a robbery of money and marijuana she transported for her employer.

Around 3:25 p.m. Wednesday, two suspects in Los Osos allegedly approached the vehicle of Avery Loran Fitch, a driver for a Sonoma-based medical marijuana delivery service. The suspects took marijuana and money from Fitch, 27, without using any weapons and fled by foot.

A sheriff’s detective later spotted the two suspects on State Park Road in Morro Bay. Officers arrested McKinley Ray Thomas, 19, and Lane Davon Phillips, 20, for grand theft and conspiracy to commit a crime.

When the detective stopped the two suspects, a 15-year-old female was also in a vehicle with them. Officers arrested the juvenile and charged her with accessory after a crime was committed.

The officers recovered the money and marijuana and continued to investigate the alleged robbery. They determined that Fitch had staged the robbery, with the help of Thomas and Phillips, in order to steal money and marijuana from her employer. Officers arrested Fitch and charged her with grand theft and conspiracy to commit a crime.

California State Parks and the Morro Bay Police Department assisted the sheriff’s office in investigating the crime.


fat chance

That’s funny, Fitch was the brains of the outfit…….Hard to believe that they didn’t get away with it.:-)


Dude! I musta had a hash moment….shouldnt have told the pigs what you really looked like, sorry man…

Just proves again that potheads are not the sharpest pencils in the box.

Spirit Filled

Believe it or not a lot of people actually work better under the influence of pot. I know you think I’m full of excretion but it’s true. Most of the time there is no way to determine if someone is under the influence of pot. Blood test would prove you had it in your system but not exactly when you consumed it. A lot of people wear shades if the pot effects their eyes. If not then who knows? Leave me the hell alone and you will never know.

Keeps me calm and in a mood that is quite appealing to others. I think it even makes me better looking and very caring of others. When I run out I just stay a grouchy old man.

By the way, work is one of the reasons people use it. So bring it on. Alcohol is much worse when it comes to working. It bring out pure meaness in me. Thats why I stopped 30 years ago. Now I am like a flower child sharing my goodness with everyone.

You ought to try it. It will set you free and make you loveable to others. (maybe) Maybe you are just an uptight person and nothing will help.

In that case get someone to give you a hug and a pill.

(Part of this was me trying to be humorous. For me this is all true, for others maybe not).

God Bless


You are absolutely right! 100% Why Marijuana was ever made illegal and deemed an illicit drug is beyond me and I can only speculate. It’s actually disturbing that people still hang onto the stigma after all the damage pharmaceuticals have done.

Jorge Estrada

You smokem peace pipe, you wantem piece too.


I will vote to legalize all drugs as soon as ignorance is outlawed.


lol…baffle them w/ bs however falacious it is since noone is without ignorance.

I suppose we should all do AM jumping jacks, PM karaoke and let some practicing AMA MD decide what’s best….not sure if you were including caffeine, alcohol, and all the tasty colorful AMA pills that fill our Pez dispensers, ohh.. how about we get those old school cornerstore MD’s that work on verbal records without the need to get reimbursed from an insurance co or medicare….yea, yea were in the 21st Century with Drive Thru pharmacies….hmmm, don’t forget the 2l Coke, a pint of JD with my Viagra please.

Spirit Filled

Hopefully it starts in the home. Call it one giant step for mankind.



For a second or two, I thought I was looking at Casey Anthony.


From the look in her eyes, she looks like she was also testing the product while at work.

No probelm with pot other than, like alcohol, you don’t need to do it at work.