Couple arrested for identity theft in Paso Robles

September 17, 2016
Vincent Buddy Tessandori and Destiny Maye Anderson

Vincent Buddy Tessandori and Destiny Maye Anderson

Paso Robles police arrested a man and a woman suspected of identity theft last week after an intensive investigation.

In august, staff at the La Quinta Inn told police a maid had discovered discarded mail items and narcotics paraphernalia while cleaning a room in which the guests had already checked out. Officers mounted an investigation that showed the couple had used another person’s identity to rent the room.

Last week, staff at the hotel told police the couple had returned and rented another room.

In the couple’s room, police found numerous items associated with identity fraud including stolen mail, tools used to access mail boxes, fraudulent purchases, drug paraphernalia and an ounce of methamphetamine.

Police searched the vehicle the couple arrived in and found stolen mail and a stolen pistol. A trace of the vehicle showed it had been fraudulently purchased from a car dealership using phony identifications.

Police arrested Vincent Buddy Tessandori, 44, and Destiny Maye Anderson, 28, on charges of counterfeiting cards, identity theft, possession of forged cards, theft and possession of a controlled substance for sale and booked them into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Anderson was also charged with being under the influence.

Both Tessandori and Anderson remain in the county jail with their bail amounts each set at $325,000.


They need to repay those they stole from, as well as pay into the Victim Witness Fund. Law abiding citizens spend so much time every year just trying to clear up the good name that losers like this blemish.


Repay how and with what? They just lost their “jobs”.


A judgment can be made. Tax returns can be seized to pay. Any future wages they do get garnished.

Some day maybe these people will be ready to join society and make things right. Restitution is a necessary step.


Perhaps the problem actually lies with the system that we’ve created. Your “identity” is stored in a database. In this reality, “you” only exist as a shadow of your data footprint.


Have fun withdrawing from drugs in the county jail holding tank. Nothing like flopping around on a cement floor and getting sick in a toilet you are sharing with a group that has no clue what hygiene means. Drugs and alcohol…..will take you places you never dreamed you would go.


Destiny has an “I’m with her” Hilary meme on her facebook. How prophetic.


Yea, but please don’t tell the Trumpster about it as he would find some way of turning Hilary into her connection!