Baby left in car, Morro Bay man arrested

October 14, 2016

Stephen Miller

A Morro Bay man is in jail after his 5-month-old baby was found locked in a car parked in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot in San Luis Obispo on Thursday afternoon. Stephen Miller of Morro Bay said he had forgotten the infant was in the back seat of his car.

Shortly after 2 p.m., a concerned citizen called 911 to say they spotting the infant locked in the car. Police arrived to find the two front windows open about one and a half inches each, the doors locked and an infant buckled into an infant carrier in the back seat.

Miller, 42, returned about 30 minutes after he parked in the lot and told police he had forgotten the child was in the back seat.

Officers arrested Miller on a felony charge of willful cruelty to a child and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $100,000, according to the sheriff’s department website.

Officers turned the baby over to child welfare services.


Bet he did not forget his precious cell phone…

San Louie

I wonder if the cops called that ridiculous fire truck #1 with its cute tiller for an assist?


Window left cracked means nothing as far as intent. Perhaps a honest mistake, perhaps not, but the child is or was safe until CWS got ahold of the Child. A 5 month old child is alive and the parent now on a $100,000 bond and charges. If it had been 5 months before it was born the government would have helped the parents pay to murder it. Pretty F’ed up Id say.


I’m fully aware of the dangers of leaving a child (or pet) in an unattended car, and also the many preventable tragedies which have resulted from parental negligence. That being said, I think that $100k bail and the child being instantly whisked away to Welfare Services is not only extreme, but also counterproductive.

A public scolding, along with some education for the parent(s) would be more beneficial to the child IMHO. The way this was handled, the only beneficiaries will be lawyers, social service workers and the prison system.


I do not know this man so I do not know if he truly forgot his child or if he felt it was safe to run a couple of errands while the baby slept in the car seat. Cracked windows are NOT evidence of guilt, many people crack the windows of their vehicles when they are parked. I am certainly not going to condemn him.

I will say this, forgetting a sleeping baby in the backseat of a vehicle, particularly when the baby is facing backwards, happens frequently enough that carseat companies are working on making alarms for carseats so that babies do not get forgotten. Sleep deprived parents of newborns with a lot on their minds are not immune to making what could certainly be a life threatening situation.

This man is going through enough without total strangers jumping to conclusions. We can all state “I would never forget MY baby in a car!” (I never forgot mine), but it does happen.


People who are extremely stupid—stupid enough to forget their child (which demonstrates a missing compassion chip somewhere if you ask me) need to be monitored within communities. That is because they have the potential to leave that child in very vulnerable situations that are high risk. I could not imagine this–it is beyond being checked out.

miles archer

Woah Donald J…pump the brakes here.

You say: “People who are extremely stupid…need to be monitored within communities.”



“need to be monitored within communities.” Perhaps the ones you want to be “Monitored” could have a “tag” on their clothing, you know, so you could tell…….


I could see how it could happen. I’m just glad the baby is ok.

San Louie

This is just flat-out sad… Horrible really.

My comments come from someone who once almost sent some half-baked crusader to the hospital as they were preparing to break a window in my truck to “save” my beloved dog. They didn’t stop to notice my truck was parked in the shade, the high for that day was maybe 75 and the windows were rolled down enough to provide more than enough ventilation. There was also the matter of me being gone for less than 15 minutes.

This issue is altogether different. Sad, sad, sad…


Sorry, but the cracked windows gives this one away in my mind. He probably assumed he could get away with running an errand while the baby slept, cracked the windows, and went to do his thing.


Haircut and shave would be nice.

Indy thinker

Clearly not ready to be a parent yet!


At 42, he probably never will be! People will never learn and congratulations to the person who reported it!