Lompoc teens arrested for torture and killing a rabbit

February 10, 2017

rabbitThree Lompoc teens — ages 13, 14 and 15 — stole a neighbor’s pet rabbit, then used a dog, knife and hatchet to torture and kill the animal, according to the city’s police department. When confronted, the teens allegedly threatened to shoot an animal control officer.

At approximately 11:38 a.m. on Thursday, a Santa Barbara County animal control officer was investigating a noise complaint at a property on East Airport Avenue. The animal control officer witnessed three male teens who appeared to be torturing a rabbit in the backyard, according to Lompoc police.

One of the teens then told the officer they could shoot and kill her if she entered the property.

Lompoc police officers quickly arrived at the scene and detained the teens. Officers conducted a thorough investigation, and the teens confessed to the crimes, according to the police department.

Officers charged the teens with felony animal cruelty, conspiracy, criminal threats and petty theft and booked them into juvenile hall. Officials are not releasing the suspects’ identities.


This is sick and disgusting but don’t count on any serious punishment. I read in CCN that a young illegal mom stabbed her newborn to death and she’s being sent to – a group home? So sadly, don’t hold your breath. All these comments are true – that’s how serial killers start, torturing helpless animals. But we seem to give everyone a pass these days and then wonder why society is so messed up…


I hope Big Brother is maintaining a special database of these sub-humans. They track our web activity, location and shopping behavior in the name of Homeland Security. Why not maintain a list of psychopaths.


LOCK em up , this is how it all starts, next step they may try a human, SO JUDGE put them away for awhile , let em think about it,, you can TRY some psychiatric help, an ass beating and jail will work


Imagine that…violent teens. I wonder where they get it. WAKE UP AMERICA! We have become numb to the everyday violence that our culture has become. It’s time to stop the insanity.


Treat them the same as they treated the rabbit.


Future serial killers. That’s how it starts. Get these kids some mandatory psychiatric help..quickly.


And these little darlings were not in school at 11:38 on a Thursday because???? Future citizens of the year!


That is really really sick. Those kids need a good old fashioned belt across the ass, and a tour of Lompoc prison.


Don’t stop at a tour, how about a months stay and some time without guards in the yard.


Ha, child abuse is illegal friend. Pretty sad you feel a belt is a way to help a child understand. Secondly, kids generally don’t adopt sick behavior, the parents teach it. I bet those parent “s” of at least one of those kids are pretty sick people. And scaring kids straight is for brainiacs like Dr Phil, whom is a jackass.