Protests disrupt Cal Poly’s Open House

April 16, 2018

As Cal Poly welcomed prospective students and their families over the weekend to the university’s annual Open House, hundreds of students boycotted the event, marched and protested on and off campus, creating an uneasy situation for administrators, particularly President Jeffrey Armstrong. [Cal Coast Times]

Protesters chanted numerous slogans, including “I am not Cal Poly proud” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho. Armstrong has got to go,” while the university president spoke with prospective students. The various protests stemmed from the fraternity blackface incident that occurred the previous weekend, which angry students say Armstrong and other administrators have not properly addressed.

On Saturday, numerous Cal Poly clubs set up booths, as they traditionally do for Open House. However, they left the booths unmanned with statements expressing support “Black, Latino and indigenous peers.”

The clubs condemned Cal Poly administrators “for doing nothing about” the blackface incident and gangster impersonation that occurred during a Lambda Chi Alpha brotherhood event a week prior.

Student protesters also handed out material to families of prospective students warning them of rampant racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination on campus. Protesters allege Cal Poly administrators are protecting a serial rapist on campus, in addition to racist fraternity members.

Following the blackface incident, the Cal Poly Lambda Chi Alpha chapter was suspended and its leadership resigned. University administrators are continuing to investigate the fraternity, but Armstrong said at a public forum addressing the issue that the student who was photographed in blackface would most likely not be expelled because of his free speech rights.

Kyler Watkins, the student who painted his face black, said he was unaware of the history of blackface, and that he painted his face black because he was on the black team. He has apologized to anyone he made uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, protesters continued on Saturday to call for the Watkins’s expulsion. They also continued to express anger at the fraternity.

“Lambda Chi needs to die,” protesters chanted on Saturday.

George Bailey


Cal Poly has become just another institution of higher learning infected by political correctness-inspired ‘grievance politics’, and I wonder how long taxpayers should have to continue to pay for this nonsense?

Ironically, most of the minority students protesting are at Cal Poly only because of affirmative action, and we should push for an end to race-based admission quota’s. The idea that some of these seemingly disinterested students have taken a seat that rightfully belongs to a more deserving student is insulting to our merit-based society, and I bet a lot of them are out marching for ‘justice’ because they cannot cut it in the classroom.

The one area I do find common ground with these snowflake protestors is that Cal Poly San Luis Obispo would be better off without President Jeffrey Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong is a poster child for putting diversity and affirmative action above all else, and his leadership has seem the decline of this once-proud institution.

As an alumni, I will withhold all financial support from Cal Poly.



I used to give generously to Cal Poly. I don’t anymore. The student body has become infected with this alt left cancer. It’s a shame.


Why give to calpoly. They take from us in the form of taxation.

“Lambda Chi needs to die”? Don’t those words create an unsafe environment for lambda chi fraternity members? Could people be scared and offended by threat of murder? I guess by their own logic, all of these protesters toes must be expelled.


These social justice numbskulls are simply practicing Poly’s “learning by doing” motto. They’re learning to be bigger idiots.


Snowflakes eating their own. I can’t read the signs as the photo is small, but if anyone found any of the signs offensive should the marcher be expelled?


Stupid is stupid. And this is higher education that we all are paying for?


He said there was also a blue team.


oh, that’s bad, too, from Yellow Submarine. They allegorically represent all the bad people in the world.


” he painted his face black because he was on the black team”. What other color teams were there?


Per the original April 9 article, red, blue, green, black, yellow. I guess Asians and native Americans could have a bone to pick as well. On the original Star Trek series there was a green girl that captain Kirk hooked up with (the green Orion dancing girl). She may also have a grievance. Google her, she was hot.


Is it me or was there an odd absence of those folks “of color” who were so voraciously offended by the black face ordeal? I see mainly white kids rambling on and on until a PR moment strikes then a minority jumps in to ramble on while staring at the prepared speech on their $700 iPhone.


The snowflakes have spoken and shown their power in mass numbers!!!!…ohhh.ahhh. Yeah, Cracker county welcomes all African americans, very affordable place indeed. Long as the White privileged Mommy and Daddy pay that tuition, they’ll keep on raising hell. Good thing Ya’ll have time to protest, maybe you outta be pounding the street looking for jobs instead ya D’bags.


They should have kept Poly an “Ag/Engineering” school.