May, 2019

Witness in SLO murder for hire case may not testify

A San Luis Obispo judge is expected to rule Tuesday whether or not to postpone a murder-for-hire trial centered around allegations brought forward by a man in London, who now is reportedly struggling to obtain a visa to enter the... (Continue reading)

SLO Tribune’s wildly varied circulation numbers

For a journalism contest, the San Luis Obispo Tribune’s circulation was less than 15,000. For advertisers, the Tribune’s readership is more than 122,000. [Cal Coast Times] On its website, the Tribune is reporting 27,408 in daily circulation and readership of... (Continue reading)

SLO bowling alley developer faces new lawsuits

One of the two brothers who was behind the failed San Luis Obispo bowling alley project is facing a lawsuit alleging he cheated an investor in the project out of $500,000, as well as other claims related to credit card... (Continue reading)

Parents alarmed by use of Roundup at Lucia Mar schools

Amid an ongoing debate over whether the weed killer Roundup causes cancer, some parents have become outraged upon learning that the Lucia Mar Unified School District has been using glyphosate-based Monsanto products on school grounds. [KCOY] A sign placed at... (Continue reading)

Regulators order TCE polluter near SLO airport to remediate

By KAREN VELIE After a lengthy investigation, the water board has determined the source of toxic levels of trichloroethylene (TCE) found in groundwater near the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, according to a remediation order. TCE is an industrial... (Continue reading)

Judge rules El Campo intersection work can begin, lawsuit continues

By KAREN VELIE A Sacramento judge ruled Thursday that Caltrans can begin safety improvements on Highway 101 at four points between Arroyo Grande and Nipomo, despite an ongoing lawsuit. [Cal Coast Times] Caltrans had scheduled construction to begin on May... (Continue reading)

Atascadero man convicted of sexually assaulting intoxicated woman

A jury convicted an Atascadero man on Friday for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman at the Atascadero Lake Park. [Cal Coast Times] On June 18, 2017, David E. Ardebili, 40, saw the woman walking alone and enticed her into getting... (Continue reading)

Cry for San Luis Obispo

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Once upon a time, writing about a place since destroyed by human greed, a guy wrote a chapter in a book called Thrive that claimed the burg San Luis Obispo was the happiest place, with the... (Continue reading)

Man’s body found on Paso Robles train tracks

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A man’s dead body was found lying on the railroad tracks close to the Paso Robles train station Friday morning. [Cal Coast Times] Police say the deceased person was a homeless man who may have been in... (Continue reading)

Trump cancels funding for high-speed rail

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The Trump Administration has followed through on its threat to revoke nearly $1 billion in funding for California’s controversial high-speed rail project, a decision the state says it will challenge in court. [Cal Coast Times] On Thursday,... (Continue reading)