Los Osos plans to terminate manager, replace with Ron Munds

July 7, 2019

General Manager Renee Osborne


For the 17th time in less than 20 years, the Los Osos Community Services District Board plans to sever ties with its general manager. This time with plans to hire Ron Munds, a county employee. [Cal Coast Times]

For several years, current General Manager Renee Osborne approved stipends for board members that were not permitted under the law. After activist Julie Tacker questioned the misappropriation of funds, the board determined they had overcharged the district for stipends, but voted not to reimburse the government agency.

Tacker than filed a formal complaint.

On July 11, the Los Osos board will consider sending Osborne a 30 day termination notice.

During the same meeting, the board is scheduled to vote on whether or not to hire Munds to head the district, at $150,000 a year plus benefits. Munds is currently employed as a San Luis Obispo County utilities manager.

Last August, Munds applied to replace former SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority administrator Bill Worrell, who resigned amid a criminal investigation into his handling of the agency.

During an IWMA board meeting, several public speakers questioned Munds’ suitability because of his involvement in supporting allegations made by Worrell and former IWMA contractor Charles Tenborg in a lawsuit against CalCoastNews and two reporters. The IWMA board then rejected Mund’s application.


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WOW, Ron retires from the City of SLO (Water Department Administration) with a great pensions (2.7% of his salary for every year of service at age 57), goes to County of SLO and adds more retirement and now Los Osos Community Services District. He knows how to suck the life out of Government Funds! Nice guy but not the brightest duck in the pond except getting his fair share, Congratulations Ron!


Yes,Boldguy…..Julie Tacker WILL always find a rule that has been broken,and Corruption! “You Go Girl” No one else seems to have even have half the balls Julie has to put corrupt public service people where they belong…. ON BLAST! A private business man eh….yawn…..get over yourself !!!!

Ben Daho

Is this the same Ron Munds that was Howard Sterns Limo driver?


Sounds like another fox in the hen house.

In other words the standard for SLO County.

Niles Q

`Should have dissolved this CSD years ago after the sewer fiasco and bankruptcy. 16 GMs in 20 years!?! And only Mitch Cooney left on his own. Amazing


I’ll do it for half that!


First of all, the Board is making a decision to go with an employee instead of a contractor. They are not terminating our contract because of the above false accusations. The meeting hasn’t event taken place yet. How would Ms. Velie know the future?

Secondly, I never approved any “Board Stipends”. All Board stipends went straight to payroll. This has been their process for many years. There are no forms dated before December 2019 that have my signature on them. Ms. Tacker has all of these forms as she asked for a public records request and received everything from before my time to December 2019 when this item came up. It is now part of the process for these forms to go through the General Manager for approval.

The above accusations are false and Ms. Veilie should retract her article or fix the lies.

Renee Osborne



I do not take credit, nor do I think my criticism of you is the reason the board is moving on from you and Grace Environmental Services. I believe the board has its reasons to move on to Ron Munds; reasons we may never fully know because the conversations were had in Closed Session. I, for one, am pleased with their decision.

Allegations are false? The directors absolutely have taken stipends for meetings that weren’t eligible for payment. You have done some of those calculations on reimbursements yourself. Is it your fault they did what they did? Not entirely. But it is (and has been since you came to work at LOCSD) your responsibility to oversee the payroll…where the payments are made from. You didn’t rein it in before asking for a budget adjustment — where you should have caught it, long before I ever became aware of the malfeasance.


I think that you would find that Renee is a square shooter and stand up person!!!

Engineer, yes, Bureaucrat Administrator not so much.

Sounds more like she didn’t have the support around her to point out the rules of that part of the game:(

Firing her no, better legal council yes:)

You all are right, Julie will always find some rule that got broken, corruption, I seriously doubt it, at least as far as Renee Is involved!!!

I’m a local private business man, if Julie followed me around all day, I’d either be in jail or have to fire myself for unintentionally breaking so many of the rules and regulations I’m inundated with:(


When did Renee become and engineer?

Hey Boldguy, when you work for government, like Renee and every other GM and City Manager that I watch work with the public’s money, then I’ll be watching you.

BTW, I don’t “follow” anyone “around all day”. I have my own family, job, hobbies, and a life I enjoy.


Really? Ever hear the saying, ignorance is no excuse? No offence as I have no idea who you are,however as a professional business man you might wanna come to terms with the laws that regulate your profession.


thank you Julie – hopefully San Simeon and Cambria are next on your agenda. You go girl.


Don’t forget Arroyo Grande, for some reason it appears they are still doing business with John Wallace, why???


Because mayor Ray has stood beside Wallace thru and thru regardless the felony charges and damming Grand Jury report. What doe that tell you about her?