Los Osos plans to terminate manager, replace with Ron Munds

July 7, 2019

General Manager Renee Osborne


For the 17th time in less than 20 years, the Los Osos Community Services District Board plans to sever ties with its general manager. This time with plans to hire Ron Munds, a county employee. [Cal Coast Times]

For several years, current General Manager Renee Osborne approved stipends for board members that were not permitted under the law. After activist Julie Tacker questioned the misappropriation of funds, the board determined they had overcharged the district for stipends, but voted not to reimburse the government agency.

Tacker than filed a formal complaint.

On July 11, the Los Osos board will consider sending Osborne a 30 day termination notice.

During the same meeting, the board is scheduled to vote on whether or not to hire Munds to head the district, at $150,000 a year plus benefits. Munds is currently employed as a San Luis Obispo County utilities manager.

Last August, Munds applied to replace former SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority administrator Bill Worrell, who resigned amid a criminal investigation into his handling of the agency.

During an IWMA board meeting, several public speakers questioned Munds’ suitability because of his involvement in supporting allegations made by Worrell and former IWMA contractor Charles Tenborg in a lawsuit against CalCoastNews and two reporters. The IWMA board then rejected Mund’s application.


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Thank God for Julie Tacker. As someone who tried to warn others about the train of corruption heading down the tracks, I know the value of citizens like Julie and Eric Greening. Once upon a time, these 2 would of been championed by decent leaders and watchdog newspapers, but when $$$ is someone’s true God and motivation, those same voices can be silenced. Thank God for CCN too. Literally, the only salve for what ills San Luis Obispo Co.


So this is an eye opening revelation. So Ron Munds is going to be the new General Manager. Hmmm, based upon his historical experience of bringing in Bill Worrell and Charles Tenborg with the IWMA the residents of this County have really been given a fair deal. If any of the articles about Bill Worrell and Charles Tenborg are true then numerous people were asleep at the helm of oversight of the IWMA for decades and guess what Ron Munds was involved in that organization as a City Representative for decades and now he is going to run the Los Osos CSD. If he couldn’t spot the alleged millions of dollars of embezzlement allegedly conducted by Tenborg and Worrell for over 2 decades then how can we expect him to manage our CSD with any ability to effectively manage the budget. By the way, he was on the selection panel that brought Bill Worrell to our County and no one even checked into his history in San Diego County that is well documented in articles down there.

Then there is the whole question of all the allegations of perjury committed throughout the Tenborg v Calcoast lawsuit. Wasn’t Ron Munds a witness in that matter for Charles Tenborg and in effect Bill Worrell. Aren’t the IWMA and Bill Worrell being investigated from all manners of fraud and embezzlement? Didn’t Ron Munds as a City representative who managed the City’s Solid Waste Contract also participate in monthly oversight of the IWMA based upon official records?

To be blunt, he is either incompetent or just another cog in the wheel of gross and malignant corruption in this county.

Maybe we should wait until the investigations into the IWMA are resolved and determine who was either involved and/or asleep at the wheel for decades before we give up a $150k a year position.


Sounds like Ron Munds is a typical government adminstrator.


This has to be a record of some sort. Reaffirming the incompetence of the Central Coasts government and the need to eliminate all CSD’s.


Do you have to demonstrate a high level of corruption to get the job? Why not just stick with the current woman/minority over the white male if he is equally, or more, incompetent, entrenched, and corrupt?


Ron is certainly capable, and his integrity is beyond question. If the board is not dysfunctional, there should be no reason that the district should not improve under his administration.

Mitch C

“If the Board is not dysfunctional”? From my reading of the article, the Board is going to terminate the General Manager because of their malfeasance. I am confused.


As you know, the GM is the ultimate oversight of Directors Compensation Mitch. Osborne failed to investigate before asking the Board for a budget adjustment to see why the line item was being depleted. This is where she could have caught it before the members were embarrassed by their own bad behavior. But, even then, she thinks a pre-agenda meeting with the GM constitutes compensation.

I appreciate CCN including my discovery in this story, but there is much more to why the board is ready to sever ties. Some reasons, we’ll never know. But, am appreciative the board has finally seen that Ms. Osborne is ill-suited for the position.

Mitch C

Julie, I don’t believe you are correct in your assertion that a GM has oversight of the Board she works for. Compensation is authorized by the Board monthly as an agenda item. Further, no one has a clue if the GM had private conversations with Board members that was ignored. It appears to me the Board has the ultimate responsibility for EVERTHING that happens or fails to happen under their auspices, you assertions seems to absolve them of any responsibility for anything. What are they there for: what is their function?

I am not defending the current GM, I have NO IDEA about the quality or lack thereof of her contribution to the district. Also, the Board has the right and ability to dismiss their GM for cause or for no reason at all.


Mitch, you are mistaken on how LOCSD issues board compensation. It’s hidden in the payroll. There has been no transparency on this at Los Osos. Many other agencies process their board stipends through their warrant reports. Not in Los Osos. Every dollar that goes through payroll is the GM’s responsibility.

Mitch C

Say what? The Board overstated the stipends they submitted for payment and for that they are terminating the General Manager. There has to be a paragraph or at least reasoning missing from the article why the General Manager is responsible for the actions of the Board she reported to. Ron, the perpetual applicant, will bring what to LOCSD?


I believe there are other reasons that are discussed closed session.


Crooks, crooks, they’re all crooks.


It won’t be long before Tacker gets the goods on the new guy too. Keep up the good work Julie.

Rich in MB

Two things….no 3 become clear with this issue.

1. The SLO Tribune and other “News” agencies in town have absolutely no desire to do real investigative reporting to keep City/County Government accountable.

2. These “service districts” are cesspools of corruption and Government largess and more importantly

3. Where would SLO be without Julie Tacker watching out for the local tax payers? I would love to see her run for County Supervisor but I’m almost afraid to know what she would uncover!

Thanks Julie and CCN for holding those wasting the public dollars accountable!


Rich in MB,

You are too kind on point 3.

Agree with you on points 1 & 2, for sure.