Fire destroys RV in San Luis Obispo, two people displaced

December 14, 2020

A motorhome burst into flames in San Luis Obispo early Monday morning displacing two residents.

Shortly before 4 a.m., a 911 caller reported an RV parked on Prado Road by Empresa Drive was on fire. SLO firefighters arrived to find the motorhome fully engulfed in flames, according to the city fire department.

It is unclear whether the two adult occupants of the motorhome were inside the vehicle at the time the blaze started. Fire officials say medics assessed one female occupant for smoke inhalation.

The blaze did not pose a significant threat to nearby structures. The Red Cross is assisting the two displaced individuals.

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Well that’s one way to get free housing if you’re homeless: set your RV on fire and the Red Cross will put you up in a much nicer place. Guess those homeless residents on Prado are learning the value of fires.

Yeah… someone is going to risk their life to burn down their home and all their possessions just to get some temporary red cross housing… Way to show some empathy when tragedy strikes a fellow human being. womanwhohasbeenthere, I don’t know where “there” is but I think you are still “there” and it doesn’t sound like a good healthy place.

Omg fires are the worst then it’s like no one wants to blame anyone but it’s like how did the fire start?

It’s probably best to not even to ask that question

Fires have been happening For eons

Oh don’t you worry, fire investigators will be looking into it. My money is on a carelessly discarded cigarette.