Deputies arrest Lompoc Police officer for sexual battery

May 3, 2022

Mauricio Calderon


Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Lompoc police officer last month on charges of felony domestic violence and sexual battery. [KSBY]

Mauricio Calderon, a 48-year-old Orcutt resident, turned himself in at his attorney’s office in Santa Maria on April 21. Deputies booked Calderon in the North County jail. Calderon posted a $50,000 bond that night and was released from custody.

Michael Scott, Calderon’s attorney, said his client cooperated with detectives and denied he committed any criminal conduct. Calderon gave a statement to detectives in which he provided a detailed explanation of the incident that occurred, Scott said.

A court hearing for Calderon’s case has been set for June 22. However, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has yet to decide wither it will file charges against Calderon.

The Lompoc Police Department has placed Calderon on administrative leave. Calderon has been a member of the Lompoc force for more than 12 years.

Last year, Calderon was involved in two fatal shootings. In the first incident, Calderon, along with another officer, shot and killed a man who charged at Calderon with a knife. In the second incident, a man pointed a gun at Calderon and a pair of other officers, who opened fire, killing the suspect.

The district attorney’s office determined both fatal shootings were justifiable homicides. Investigators said both men who were killed left suicide notes.


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As a lifelong Lompoc resident I am thoroughly ashamed of our Police Department. I have lost count of the number of “trusted” officers arrested and fired for despicable crimes these past recent years. I don’t know if the integrity of our department is even repairable at this point? It really truly saddens me!


“PAID” administrative leave? until at least possibly the June 22nd, likely longer since this is just the first hearing. So if you are a LEO and get charged with 2 felony’s you get a minimum of 6 weeks paid vacation. I say no, make them still reports to work and if nothing else just sit at a desk. Long past time to stop PAID administrative leave.