SLO police arrest man for pulling a gun during a property dispute

December 9, 2022


San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a 34-year-old man on Friday after he pulled a gun during a dispute with his landlord, police said.

Shortly before noon, a caller reported a man had pulled a semi-automatic handgun during a dispute. After Joseph Davis allegedly pointed the handgun at the victim, the victim fled the property and called 911.

After containing the area, officers arrested Davis without incident and seized three firearms, including the one brandished, from his residence. The guns were legally registered to Davis.

Officers booked Davis into into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of  brandishing a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon.

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This is what happens when landlords keep raising the rent.

Or when landlords actually expect tenants to pay their rent.

Not very high on the I.Q. Bell Curve.

“a man had pulled a semi-automatic handgun” — dog whistle to rile up anti-2A types. Outside of revolvers, aren’t all handguns “semi-automatic?”

No. There are single shot (I’ve a large collection of same), double barrel, and multi-barrel handguns which do not use a cylinder. Using the term “semi-automatic” delineates and specifies what type of firearm was used.

Not riled.

They’re describing an incident, and it adds more data to your mental image