Protect students, support Paso Robles Dual Immersion Program

OPINION by  BRIAN MAXTED With more than 600 Paso Robles students in the Dual Immersion Program at Georgia Brown Elementary School, the 36th Street campus has grown to become the district’s largest and most sought after elementary school program. Until... (Continue reading)

Reduce fossil fuel impacts, support wind energy

Opinion by Dr. Ray Weymann A Jan. 11 piece in the CalCoastNews by Mr. Robert Sidenberg described opposition to the development of a wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay. It contained some misleading, as well as some factually... (Continue reading)

Help us save Morro Bay and Port San Luis

By ROBERT SIDENBERG The Morro Bay wind farm project is moving forward at a rapid pace regardless of the numerous negative impacts this will have on the marine life and our communities. Port San Luis is being considered as a... (Continue reading)

Oceano general manager resigned, he should not get severance

OPINION by JULIE TACKER At the raucous Oct. 25, Oceano Community Services District board meeting, then General Manager Will Clemens gave a well-rehearsed performance that included announcing his “early retirement” after 24-years in public service. He blamed the new board... (Continue reading)

California needs an equitable income tax system

Statement by California Controller Malia Cohen Cohen released the following statement following last month’s announcement that the L.A. Dodgers signed a 10-year, $700 million contract with pitcher Shohei Ohtani. The contract is structured so that Ohtani will receive $2 million... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo’s zany bike lanes

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Here’s another reason why the city of San Luis Obispo should be tearing out the utterly unnecessary protected bike lanes it has been installing along Broad, Chorro, and Ramona streets constituting the Anholm Bikeway. ·... (Continue reading)

Oceano officials need to stop the illegal behavior

OPINION by KIM ROSE and ALISHA CASSANDRA We are Oceano residents and Oceano Community Services District ratepayers who filed the Brown Act complaint with the OCSD Board in November, following months of discord and chaos we observed at meetings. The... (Continue reading)

Time to fire SLO High School officials who covered up misconduct

OPINION by AMBER WILKERSON As I reflect on the past 14 months, I have so many emotions. Anger, sadness, anxiousness, disbelief, and confusion. As my daughter’s story becomes public, and so many other stories related to San Luis Obispo High... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles businesses can’t wait, stop the paid parking program now

OPINION by GARY LEHRER I was totally baffled by the Paso Robles City Council’s vote on the parking situation. This has been an issue as far back as I can remember. Downtown business owners and/or members of Paso Robles Downtown... (Continue reading)

Its time to hold SLO High School officials accountable

OPINION by KALEENA RUSKIN I was the San Luis Obispo High School girls head soccer coach from 2012 through 2016, and worked for Jeff Brandow. I had been working as the assistant soccer coach from 2009/10’ season and was hired... (Continue reading)