San Luis Obispo farm subsidy leaders

The Republican-dominated House voted against cutting farm subsidies for the wealthy while agreeing to slash domestic and international food aid on Thursday. The bill to cut Agriculture Department and Food and Drug Administration spending by 13 percent for the budget year... (Continue reading)

Antelope Fire 90 percent contained

Firefighters have slowed the wildfire burning in San Luis Obispo and Kern counties and report it is 90 percent contained, according to a Tuesday evening release. The Antelope Fire burned two outbuildings in Kern County and a total of 5,196... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: The Green Lantern

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN Dear Ryan Reynolds, I’m afraid we must break up. After anticipating your film Green Lantern for what feels like years, the majority of your body didn’t even show up. You let them CGI your tush in. Other... (Continue reading)

NRC on Diablo nuclear safety

Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission informed Santa Barbara County Supervisors June 16 that Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is operated safely and is not a threat. [SantaBarbaraIndependent] Assurances were offered after inspections were made of nuclear power plants throughout... (Continue reading)

Antelope Fire grows to 5068 acres

Firefighters are battling a wildfire that has already destroyed one structure and burned 5,068 acres of grass land in San Luis Obispo and Kern counties. The Antelope Fire started Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Highway 46 and Highway 33... (Continue reading)

COLAB sues over wildlife guidelines

A group of business owners is suing Ventura County over an environmental policy passed by the Board of Supervisors in April. The policy, adopted to protect plants and animals, requires land owners to produce environmental impact reports when “important” species... (Continue reading)

Two killed in Nipomo crash

A violent collision in Nipomo has left two Santa Maria residents dead and three others injured. At about 4:20 p.m., a Chevy Cavalier crossed the double yellow line on Hutton Road and hit a pickup truck tearing the Cavalier in... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

BY DAVID CONGALTON The good news is that Midnight in Paris is one of the stronger Woody Allen films of the last 20 years. There are, I submit, three main phases of Allen’s iconic career as a director. First came... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande mayor criticizes grand jury report

The mayor of Arroyo Grande blasted a recent grand jury report critical of the South County Sanitation District, calling the conclusions “personally and professionally offensive.” [Tribune] Tony Ferrara, one of three members of the district governing board, made the comments... (Continue reading)

Clarence Clemons, legendary Springsteen sidekick, dies

Clarence Clemons, the legendary saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, died Saturday at the age of 69. [LA Times] Clemons, whose musical contributions to Springsteen classics included “Born to Run” and “Rosalita,” died in a Palm Beach hospital of... (Continue reading)