San Luis Obispo police chief to retire

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deborah Linden announced Wednesday she plans to retire at the end of the year. Hired in 2003, Linden worked to stop Mardi Gras celebrations in the city. Linden also led the efforts to modify the... (Continue reading)

Hundreds of California’s state employees earn more than $240,000

More than 500 of California’s public service workers earned more than $240,000 before taxes in 2010, according to data released Tuesday by state Controller John Chiang. [San Francisco Chronicle] As legislators last year worked feverishly to reduce spending in the... (Continue reading)

Card checks, unions and guest workers

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY California agriculture has some real possible tough sledding coming down the pike this summer. Revised card check, E-Verify, new regulations from the State Water Quality Control Board and Air Resources Board, and increased audits by Immigration... (Continue reading)

Bill would require California schools to teach contributions of homosexuals

California’s students may soon be instructed on the contributions of homosexuals if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill that lawmakers delivered to him on Tuesday. [Associated Press] The bill, SB48, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as... (Continue reading)

SLO City Council endorses parking permit fees

Despite mounting frustrations over the issuance of residential parking permits, the San Luis Obispo City Council introduced an ordinance amendment Tuesday to establish fees for the permits. The council voted 4-0 (Mayor Jan Marx abstained because her home is in a... (Continue reading)

Deputy stun guns patient at Templeton emergency room

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy used a stun gun on a 19-year-old intoxicated patient at the Twin Cities Community Hospital Emergency Room on Monday. [KCOY] Chad Gross, 19, of Camarillo was found unconscious at Lake Nacimiento and transported... (Continue reading)

Wallace found responsible for sewage plant deficiencies

Penalties against the chief operator at the south San Luis Obispo County sewage plant for failing to properly oversee the treatment facility have been reduced following an appeal that blamed administrator John Wallace for much of the plant's problems. Following reports... (Continue reading)

Japan’s tsunami debris headed for California beaches

Millions of tons of debris from Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in March are slowly making their way across the Pacific Ocean; scientists using computer models say the West Coast will be inundated with the stuff by 2013 or 2014.... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Larry Crowne

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN There is something nice about getting out of your own life and visiting someone else’s for a few hours. Larry Crowne is a nice enough getaway, but I just don’t feel like it got far enough away.... (Continue reading)

Child drowns at Lake Nacimiento

UPDATE: Divers with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department found the body of a 4-year-old girl in about six feet of water at Lake Nacimiento on Sunday. Park rangers told deputies Araceli Garcia of Greenfield, Calif.,went missing shortly after... (Continue reading)